More Aspects of the Spirit

More Aspects of the Spirit
March 11
00:00 2015

Lesson Scripture: John 16: 4-15

By the end of this lesson, we should

• Know the characteristics of the Holy Spirit

• Be able to give examples of the presence of the Holy Spirit

• Continuously  pray for the guidance of the Spirit

Background: John, the beloved disciple recorded the events of Passion Week (Christian term) in chapters 12-19. The actual celebration was known as Passover. It was the commemoration of Jewish freedom from Egypt. Exodus 12 did two things; first, it stated the specifics for preparation of the 10th plague and secondly, recorded God’s ordinance to celebrate this festival annually. Jews still celebrate Passover today. Each year, Jews from the Mediterranean area came to Jerusalem for this most sacred festival. Jesus and His disciples were in that number as well. He was anointed at Bethany six days before the beginning of the Passover and had made His triumphal entry into the city. By this time, the Jewish hierarchy (Pharisees and chief priests) had set in motion a plan to be rid of the Saviour. Jesus told the disciples several times that His death was near. Judas Iscariot had made the deal with the hierarchy to identify Jesus earlier. The disciples heard the words but were confused by them. Don’t forget that they thought that Jesus was going to establish an earthly kingdom and He’s talking about dying. The week long festivities began with a lot of activity in the Temple. During one of the evening meals, Jesus used this gathering with the disciples for His final lessons on His identity, love, and service. He told them about His betrayal from one of them and the coming of the Holy Spirit who will guide them to do greater works than He did. Iscariot was no longer in the room. Jesus also warned them that the world would reject them. Everything that He taught was designed to prepare them for the future and to encourage them by the aid of the Spirit.

Lesson: Jesus is speaking openly because His time is at hand. The disciples are more confused than ever! To calm them, Jesus tells them more about the coming of the Spirit and His role in their lives. The Spirit can’t come until Jesus leaves. Fully human and divine, “He is limited by the physical body” (David C. Cooks Echoes). The Counselor will dwell in each of them (and all believers) as they do His Will. The Counselor will comfort (encourage); be a helper in human situations; will convict the world’s rejection; and will witness to Christ Himself. The Spirit convicts in three ways. First because unbelief leads to sin, the unbelievers have no hope. Secondly, only Jesus is the standard for righteousness, not anyone else. The final conviction comes because the world rejected Him judgment will come. Notice that even Jesus couldn’t tell it all! He states simply that the Holy Spirit will guide them into all Truth. The Spirit glorifies God, the Father and God, the Son and speaks only what is given to Him.  Jesus stresses that obedience to His teachings is necessary.

Life’s Application: The Holy Spirit is more than an emotional response in worship! He cannot be pigeon- holed like that. The Holy Spirit is the guide for daily living. When we think about all that Jesus want us to do, we can easily become overwhelmed. The Spirit calms, guides, and witnesses to us in order to do the Saviour’s Will. Believers are not left alone like orphans, Jesus sent the Spirit to be with us as we stand for His righteousness. Many of us can attest to His presence and power in our personal and corporate lives. The Spirit is real!! He supports, teaches, empowers, and leads us into the full experience of God’s Truth (Richards’ Complete Bible Handbook)! While this comforts us, don’t forget the Spirit does show us our evil ways. That’s done to grow us.

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