Barbara Burts gains honor for community service


Barbara Burts gains honor for community service
December 07
10:58 2018

Mayor Pro Tempore Vivian H. Burke submitted the following resolution to honor Barbara Burts:

WHEREAS, Mrs. Barbara Burts was born in Forsyth County on October 20, 1946, to the late Willie and Mattie Keeks. She is the youngest of 10 children; and

WHEREAS, she is married to Mr. Ernest Burts and they have been married for 34 years; and

WHEREAS, Mrs. Burts attended high school at Atkins High School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where she is now serving in her community of North Winston in the Northeast Ward. For many years, she has been a member of Macedonia Worship Center and she is often recognized for helping to make a difference in the surrounding community of the church; and

WHEREAS, Mrs. Burts became the Chairperson of the North Winston Neighborhood Association in 1987 after her sister resigned from being the chairperson for several years. Mrs. Burts has always had a passion to serve in the community and be a part of what a positive impact can make in that community; and

WHEREAS, Mrs. Burts is still a strong leader in the North Winston neighborhood and attends the, once a month, Monday community meetings faithfully. She has partnered with many police officers through the years and they have assisted with helping to keep the North Winston community a better and safer place to live and play; and

WHEREAS, Burt’s leadership abilities have earned her admiration and respect. She displays courage and devotion for her community and she is committed to helping to ensure that something is done in the time of distress. Her willingness to lead, willingness to step up and to step forward is well noted. She says, “I don’t wait for other people in the neighborhood to do something, I see it and I jump on the opportunity to do what I must do to help, because I live here. I always make the necessary calls to get what and who is needed to help us”; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that, I, Vivian H. Burke, Mayor Pro Tempore and Council Member of the Northeast Ward, of the City of Winston-Salem, do hereby recognize and celebrate all the blessings God has bestowed upon Mrs. Burts; and in honoring her for the community service, in which she has shown to the North Winston community of the North East Ward.

Dated this 28th Day of November, 2018

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