Bishop Todd Fulton leads church in helping others

Bishop Todd Fulton leads church in helping others
November 22
04:00 2017

Busta’s Person of the Week

By Busta Brown, The Chronicle

Deborah McCormick is a resident in one the communities that Mt. Moriah Outreach Center serves once a month, where Bishop Todd Fulton is the senior pastor. “His place is really nice, he helps a lot of people. He’s wonderful, every time you see him out anywhere, he always speaks to you,” said McCormick.

This past Saturday, Nov. 18, Mt. Moriah was giving away boxes of free groceries. Kathy Torrey stopped to get a box for her sister. “She’s disabled and can’t get out. I brought her with me so she could see what she’s getting. Because of Mt. Moriah, she won’t be hungry for Thanksgiving.”

I spoke with one young man who was nearly in tears as he walked away with a box of groceries. “I’m a man, but I’m not ashamed to say I love Bishop Fulton. He’s the truth.”

A mother of four shared her thoughts of the bishop. “We can count on his church to take care of us in times of need. Mt. Moriah is how all churches should be.”

Kernersville resident and mother Corina was blessed with a box of groceries and couple of delicious looking cakes as well.

“My children are going to be very happy when they see these cakes.” I jokingly invited myself to dinner to get a slice of cake; she looked at me, smiled, and then said, “With the way my kids love sweets, good luck.” She gave me a big hug and then some of the volunteers, which are members of Mt. Moriah, helped Corina carry the groceries to her apartment.

As the families walked in and out of the church, it was clear how much they sincerely love, respect, and appreciate Bishop Todd Fulton and Mt. Moriah Outreach Center. As I filmed and took pictures of the beautiful work the church was doing, I couldn’t help but notice how kind, patient, and excited the members were as they served the families. It was amazing love. Even Bishop Fulton was hard at work packing boxes with food and assisting families to their vehicles, so it was nearly an hour before I caught up with him.

The spirit hit, and I was inspired to join the caravan of love, so I began carrying boxes of food to the vehicles as well. About an hour later, sweating and out of breath, yet smiling and full of love, this phenomenal man walks up to me, extends his hand, and says, “Hey Busta, welcome to Mt. Moriah.” I could feel this man was anointed by God.

I asked him the obvious question; why? “We’ve been doing this for about six or seven years now. Ultimately, Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point are on the top of the list in food insecurity. What that looks like, Busta, kids going to bed hungry at night, and if our ministry can do something to impact kids going to bed hungry at night, then God will be satisfied with our work. That’s ultimately how we got into it, and it’s working well.”

During our interview, an adorable little member of Mt. Moriah walked by, Fulton introduced us, “This young lady is our future architect and brick mason. She’s going to build our next church.” She stood in the middle of Bishop and me, smiling. I asked her name. “My name is Patrice, and I’m 14 years old.” I asked Patrice why did she choose to be a brick mason. “I want to be an architect,” then she giggled and got a little shy. I said I’m very proud of you, she gave me a big smile and said, “Thank you.”

Bishop also introduced me to some ladies for Faith Help, with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. They keep up with patients after they’re discharged from the hospital, and bring them food, and Mt. Moriah provides the food. 

Check out the rest of my interview with the phenomenal Bishop Todd Fulton. During the interview you’ll find out something amazing; why his members never to buy food from the grocery stores. Contact Bishop Fulton at 336-831-6763.

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