Black female CEO launches CBD beverage to combat mother’s cancer treatments

Axis™ Hemp in a Cap is receiving a lot of positive vibes since its launch.

Black female CEO launches CBD  beverage to combat mother’s cancer treatments
November 13
11:00 2020

Nationwide ( – Ja-nice Johnson, founder and CEO of Axis™ Hemp in A Cap, has launched the now leading CBD beverage brand nationwide. The innovative patent stemmed from necessity as the CEO was in search of various CBD treatments to administer to her mother battling Stage 4 Cancer. After tedious efforts of mixing products to aid her mother’s treatments, Ja-nice then acquired the license to the unique Vessl™ technology to incorporate into beverages and is now leading the market with her innovation.

Vessl, the company that provides its unique patent, recently announced their partnership with GRAMMY® Award-winning singer/songwriter Miguel who also serves as a corporate ambassador and advisor for the brand. The patented bottle closure provides instant and pressurized mixing of the beverage with alkaline water immediately prior to use. With this technology, the premium quality 6-oz. hemp beverage holds and protects 25 mg. of hemp extract and flavor to provide the best all-natural ready-to-drink hemp cocktail. No sugars, no calories, packed with electrolytes, B & C vitamins, and zinc to rehydrate and boost your immune system. 

Axis has now developed a product line of four hemp-infused beverages: Triple Berry Daiquiri, Strawberry Daiquiri, Lemon Drop Daiquiri, and Mighty Mango Daiquiri. 

Supporting medical studies continue to show the numerous benefits of CBD (a cannabinoid) alleviating neuropathic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and more. Furthermore, athletes have taken to the CBD wave, utilizing it post-workout to alleviate sore muscles. No matter your preference of use, Johnson wants consumers to know, “Every sip is a tribute to those surviving, fighting, or anyone lost to this illness.”

A company committed to diversity with a model of inclusion, Axis is minority-owned and operated in addition to being LGBTQ+ inclusive. Recent studies have shown that Black women-owned businesses represented the highest rate of growth of any group over the last five years. Deemed “necessity entrepreneurs” because, due to higher unemployment rates and vast gender and racial pay gaps, women of color start businesses out of both the need to survive and innovation. Axis has been diligent in becoming a leading company, working to create and ease the burden for those battling cancer, post-workout recovery, and a health enthusiast that understands the health benefits of CBD use. With that, Johnson is a reminder that Black female entrepreneurs are truly changing the game. 

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