Business of the Month: Alisa takes care of you, from head to foot

Alisa Allen, founder and owner of Aging with Grace, PLLC, specializes in in-home nursing foot care services for older adults and the North Carolina Academy of Nursing Foot Care, PLLC.

Business of the Month: Alisa takes care of you, from head to foot
July 18
00:12 2019

By Busta Brown

Back in the 80s, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam had a smash dance hit called, “Head to Toe.” But Alisa Allen loves you from head to foot … yes, the whole foot. She’s the owner of Aging with Grace, PLLC, which specializes in in-home nursing foot care services for older adults. The best part, it’s mobile – she comes to you.

“And I love what I do,” said Allen. “I’ll never forget asking someone, how did he meet his wife, and his answer will melt your heart: ‘I had the best soup I’ve ever tasted. I asked the manager who made this soup, because I can taste the love that they put in it.’ When the manager told him who made the soup, he replied, ‘She will be my wife.’ They’ve been happily married for over 20 years, and that story still melts my heart to this day.”

What does this have to do with Alisa and her business? Love! The love she gives to her clients, they can feel it. One story she shared with me will melt your heart and bring tears of joy. “I had one client that was on hospice care. Her son had called me in to do foot care for her, and not only did I do the foot care for her, but I stayed to give her some love and comfort as well. When you’re dealing with the elderly, you must go the extra mile. I turned on some beautiful and relaxing music, and then gave her a nice and long foot massage. I made sure she felt peaceful before I left. I thanked her and her son. After I left, her son called me and he began thanking me. He said after you left, my mother transitioned. I want to thank you, because you made her transition easy for her and our family. I wanted to call you to say thank you. She transitioned with a beautiful, warm and peaceful smile on her face.” That story is a true testament of the power of when someone puts love into what they do.

Alisa said that’s the reason she chose to start Aging with Grace PLLC. “So many of my clients are older and I want to help them age gracefully. When you have peace, you feel good. And it’s nothing like the ability to do that in the comfort of your own home. And that’s what I help them do. I truly enjoy taking care of them.”

The warmhearted businesswoman started her company in 2010 and it’s become one of the premier in-home nursing foot care businesses in North Carolina. She’s a certified foot care nurse, with over 20 years of experience in nursing, and a proud graduate of Winston-Salem State University. “They played a major role in my success, the nursing program is awesome. The nurses there come out prepared. We learn so many different skills as a nurse, and it transfers over into entrepreneurship.”

She also holds a master’s degree in healthcare administration from Pfeiffer University and completed a comprehensive course at Emory University, which focused on nursing foot care for older adults. “That taught me the business end of it, so the collaboration is what makes Aging with Grace successful.”

Did I mention, Allen is the founder and owner of North Carolina Academy of Nursing Foot Care, PLLC as well? The academy assists registered nurses and nurse practitioners with hands-on experience to develop the proper skills and knowledge for a rewarding career as a foot care nurse. “Dignity is a first and a must, with both the academy and my business,” said Alisa.

Aging with Grace promotes comfort, dignity, prevention of injury and complications, early detection, optimal mobility, safety and holistic wellness. They also help clients to get the proper footwear and make recommendations as well. Allen’s grandmother was diabetic, so even as a child, she had experience with caring for the elderly. “She was in a wheelchair and there were stairs. It was tough for her to get to appointments, so I saw a need for a service like this. With diabetes, foot care is extremely important, so I make sure my clients are getting the best care in the comfort of their own home.”

She also shared some valuable information about neuropathy, which is weakness, numbness and pain from damaged nerves, usually in the hands and feet. “I do an assessment on their feet. I look for circulation and neuropathy. With neuropathy, you can lose feeling in your feet and if something gets into the foot, you can’t feel it. So, we educate our clients and their families as well. If someone has neuropathy, check their feet daily to make sure there’s nothing stuck inside.”

Alisa said there’s other very important reasons nursing foot care services are needed: circulatory problems, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, hip or knee replacement, visual impairment, bad back, foot or leg pain, diminished hand strength or dexterity, dry, sensitive or fragile skin, toenails are too thick or long to trim. Aging with Grace PLLC provides nursing services at Heritage Woods Senior Living Community in Winston-Salem.

I asked Alisa which two female celebrities have beautifully aged with grace? She gave me a big smile and replied, “Tina Turner and Cher. They are still beautiful.”

You can contact Alisa Allen by email at or call 336-422-6331. 

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