Busta’s Buddy of the Week: Meet one of Steve Harvey’s Little Bigshots: Caleb Serrano

Busta’s Buddy of the Week: Meet one of Steve Harvey’s Little Bigshots: Caleb Serrano
December 08
14:35 2021

By Busta Brown

When I read my Busta’s Buddy of the Week’s bio, I saw names such as the legendary Shirley Caesar, John P. Kee, Kirk Franklin, Travis Greene, Tamela Mann, just to name a few. He impressed Steve Harvey of ABC’s Little Bigshots as well. 

“I was extremely nervous on my drive to the studio where they tape the show. I was like, oh my gosh, I’m going, I’m going! When I was sitting in that studio, I was like, oh laud! I’m sitting in the same building as Steve Harvey. Oh Laud!” joked Caleb Serrano. 

But once he hit the stage and began singing, it was Steve Harvey who was blown away. “He said how is all of that put into a six-year-old? And he was like, wow!” said the now ten-year-old superstar. His story was picked up by ABC World Nightly News, which led to appearances on The Harry Connick Jr. show, TCT Network, and 700 Club. 

Caleb truly has the voice of an angel. I’ll try to describe how amazing it sounds, but I need you to use your imagination as well. It sounds like God himself created an instrument and then positioned the sound of that instrument perfectly in the middle of an orchestra in heaven. 

I asked Caleb to share his top three favorite singers. At the top of his list is John P. Kee. You could clearly see and hear the extreme excitement in his voice as he described the legendary singer’s voice. “What I like about Pastor John P. Kee is he has that vocal range that nobody else can do. When I hear him sing, I’m like, how does he do that!”

Allow me to share why that comment is very interesting. One Sunday I was in attendance during youth day at Calvary Baptist Church in High Point, where N.C. State Rep. Amos L. Quick is the senior pastor. Caleb Serrano was the headliner. During his performance, the audience was captivated with his showmanship and presentation. I could hear them whispering, “I’ve never heard anyone sing like that. How does that kid do that with his voice?” I was one of those people. I was in awe! I can go on and on about the outstanding performance, but his story is equally as captivating. 

Caleb continued sharing some of his favorite singers. Second on his list is Pastor Shirley Caesar, “She can still hit notes like she’s 21 years old. And forgive me Pastor Caesar, I gotta tell your age. She’s 86 years old and can still sang! Laud!”

It all began for Caleb the day he heard his grandfather Roger Jessup singing. “I’ll never forget thinking, I want to sing like that. Then I started singing. I remember my mom taught me the song “Take Me the King” by Tamala Mann. And my dad was overseas during that time and I wanted to send something to impress my dad. So, I learned the whole song, recorded it, and then my mom [Dalelah Serrano] sent it to him,” shared Caleb. As he shared the story, I could see in his eyes and hear in his voice how much he loves and admires his father, Richard Serrano. 

Caleb was only five years old when his grandfather’s singing inspired him to become the phenomenal singer and performer that he is today. Now at ten, he’s become one of the most sought-after singers in the gospel circuit. Hats off to his mother and father for a job well done. “I’m proud that Caleb’s doing something that he enjoys doing. With the stress of COVID making it tough to get into studios and get more shows. I am proud that he continues to stay motivated to sing. Anyone with a gift, there will be obstacles and hurdles to overcome, and he’s had his share of discouragements. But he stood the test and is still going strong,” shared Caleb’s father, Richard. 

Caleb added, “The struggle is real. It’s a struggle to maintain doing what you love to do and not allow others’ opinions to distract you.” 

“This is not what he does, but it’s who he is,” said Richard. 

“My mom and dad taught me that it’s not about me, it’s about Christ. And to continue to do what God leads me to do, and that’s lifting up the name of Christ, not Caleb,” shared the Little Bigshot. 

I asked Caleb to share some of the struggles he has had to overcome due to the pandemic. “It’s hard to find a good recording studio and coming up with new music. Sometimes you run out of ideas.”

He’s having an amazing run so far during his five-year career. So, I asked what has been his favorite moment so far. “When I sang with The Gaithers. I sang a song, and then they did the song after me and added their own little flavor to it. It was awesome!” shared Caleb. 

And yes, he has aspirations to become a pastor one day. “I pretend I’m a pastor all the time, so in 2019 my granddad built me a church in his backyard. Well, he built me a podium with a cross on it.” You can see the amazing Caleb on his Facebook show, “Tuesday Night Live,” every Tuesday at 8 p.m. He sings and shares the word of God. 

“My cousin joins me with singing and playing the music. We don’t keep you long. We’ll have you outta there in 30 minutes,” joked Caleb. 

During the end of the interview, his father joined us again. I loved watching their bond. Caleb hugged up on his dad’s neck, while dad smiled with pride. He loves his little man. Richard sat there like a warrior guarding and protecting his prince, yet allowing Caleb the space to carry the interview alone. And Caleb did it with style and grace, along with a wild sense of humor. 

Where does the ten-year-old superstar see himself in the next five years? “Three number one albums, a Grammy, and Stiller Awards,” boasted Caleb. 

I always end my interviews by asking my guest to share their favorite scripture. “Joshua 1:9: Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” My Buddy of the Week is High Point’s own Caleb Serrano. If you want to book Caleb for an event, email Richard Serrano at

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