Busta’s Buddy of the Week: The amazing Ava Harris is coming to Winston-Salem

Busta’s Buddy of the Week: The amazing Ava Harris is coming to Winston-Salem
December 15
14:29 2021

By Busta Brown

What is one of the greatest challenges for child entertainers? “Ava’s busy schedule doesn’t allow her the opportunity to participate in many after-school activities as much,” shared Sannyu Harris. She’s the mother of nine-year-old up-and-coming superstar Ava Harris. 

Seconds after mom’s comment, “I really love baseball and I want to play. But I’m so busy with dance, I don’t get a chance to play the game,” added the absolutely adorable dancer, actress and singer. 

Ava Harris has the sweetest and cutest little voice, and a smile that’ll steal your heart. She learned at an early age how to appreciate hard work and the value in it. Yet, she strives in her academics and is very well-mannered. Mom and dad did an excellent job with their little princess. 

Ava was able to hold her own during the interview and kept me on my toes. When I asked if she ever has time to be a kid, she was ready! She looks at me and then lights up the room with her confident smile. “I work hard, but I do find time to be a kid. When I’m not performing, I love being outside playing with my sister. We make up a lot of games. Our favorite game is called ‘motorcycle sisters,’ where we’re superheroes and chase road truck monsters on motorcycles,” shared Ava while giggling. 

She continues, “But there are times when shows are coming up and I have to get fitted for costumes and all of that stuff. Yet I still have my entire life. So, I always make time for myself, because it’s important for me to be a kid first,” said Ava. She enjoys sitting alone in her room and reading as well. 

I recently read an article on the signs your child will be successful and Ava checks all of the boxes. Ava’s been performing since the age of two and her mom knew right away that she had a future superstar on her hands. “I knew as soon as she could sit up and hold her own balance. She would find rhythm in the sound of the wheels against the sidewalk! So everywhere we went, she danced – in the grocery store, dressing room at the mall, everywhere! Wherever there was music, she was always moving. She could barely walk, but she was always moving. 

“You can teach someone technique, but you can’t teach them grace. You can’t teach them to embody the story in a play. She did that at a young age without really understanding what she was doing,” shared the proud mother. 

The hard work is paying off big time! The amazing Ava Harris does ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, African and contemporary dance. Along with dancing, she’s a great actress as well. 

I asked Ava what she loves most about acting. “I love acting because of the story and the characters I get to portray. And also, what I’m trying to tell the audience,” shared Ava. 

I asked the honor student which celebrities inspired her to become a performer. “My parents, dance teachers, and all of the Black dancers and performers that have gone before me. To name a few, Josephine Baker, Misty Copeland, Nina Simone, and Mahalia Jackson.”

Ava shared some advice from her parents: “Always be yourself. Stay the bright, cheery and bubbly person you are. And don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not.” 

Ava has some great advice for aspiring child entertainers as well. “When you’re training hard like I do, the person that’s training you will always be asking for more, just when you thought you did something perfectly, and you might have. They’ll say what you can do even better. And it’s really hard to get it exactly how they want it to be. Try not to get frustrated and just do your best, because that’s all they’re asking for.”

She was very honest and open about working with her mom and shared the good and the bad. “The good is, she’s actually very funny. I love talking to her on our long drives to a performance, or listening to music, and we’ll dance.” She looks at her mom, smiles, and then jokingly takes a deep breath. “When my mom gets mad, she gets mad. So when that happens, the best thing to do is to be quiet,” said Ava. And then she and her mom burst out laughing. 

While still giggling, her mom shared how proud she is of their multi-talented superstar. “I’m most proud of Ava’s discipline, to be performing onstage at two years old until now. Because it takes a tremendous amount of practice, time management, the ability to take criticism from her dance teachers, acting coach, and other adults in her life. And she’s willing to take notes and then take it and put it where it belongs. And then figure out how to enhance it. Also being an excellent student. She does a fantastic job balancing all of that,” shared mom. 

Ava’s dream is to be on Broadway. ”I want to be in ‘The Lion King’ and play Nyla. I want to be a lioness,” said Ava.  The actress, dancer and singer shined like a true star in “Prideland,” which was a dance ensemble of “The Lion King.” The nine-year-old superstar also stood out in “Black Nativity” and Little Ti Moune in “Once On This Island,” just to name a few. Sannyu remembers Ava’s first line in “Once On This Island”:  “By the time she stepped on that stage and she said, ‘There is an island!’ it was over! I said, OK, here we are. This is her gift,” boasts mom.  

Ava and her mom also credit Elise Jonelle Management and The Pointe Company and Technique Conservatory for her success. 

You can see the amazing Ava in her latest project, “Nativity According to the Gospel,” written, directed and choreographed by Mabel P. Robinson. It’s December 17th-19th at Hanesbrands Theatre, 209 N. Spruce Street in Winston-Salem. 

“When I stepped on the stage at my first recital, I was like, wow! I knew I was going to love it. Now here I am.” 

My Busta Buddy of the Week is Ava Harris.

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