Busta’s Business of the Month: Elite Skincare owner: ‘I wanted to create a safe product for my baby and yours.’

Busta’s Business of the Month: Elite Skincare owner: ‘I wanted to create a safe product for my baby and yours.’
April 21
14:20 2021

By Busta Brown

Shonna Oglesby started her business in 2010 for all the right reasons: To protect babies’ skin and keep them looking absolutely adorable.

 “I had my daughter in 2010 and I wanted to make a product that was safe for her, and other babies. So, I learned about essential oils, plant-based skin butters, and other products. I actually started mixing the different ingredients until I found what I needed,” Oglesby explained. “Elite Skincare has something for men, women and children. And you don’t need to use much to give your skin the moisture it needs. And it’s chemical free,” said Shonna. 

Before selling her skincare products, Shonna would give it to family and friends and the feedback was extremely positive. “They loved it! Everyone would tell me that I need to sell it, and it snowballed from there. I’ve always done some type of craft,” she continued. “When I was a child, I would make beaded bracelets, necklaces, and I even had a candy store that my mama and daddy help me put together. So, I’ve always had the hustle in me. I always tell people, the vision led me; I didn’t lead it,” she shared. 

Elite Skincare’s signature product is body butter. “Our body butters glides onto your skin and absorbs the moisture, and your skin will look and feel amazing the entire day. We have something for all skin types, because we want to make sure people get what they need,” said Shonna. 

Elite Skincare also carries organic foot soap and balms, which sells out quickly. The foot balms are popular with both men and women. The lip balms are a big hit as well. “Our gentle washes are gentle enough for toddlers, because I use rose water for the wash. I make the rose water from scratch, mixed with castile oils, with no additives or scents. Our skin salves were just introduced in March and it’s already flying off the shelf, because it helps with dry skin conditions such as eczema. I can’t keep it in the store. Our foot balm kits are a big hit as well, and it comes with the scrubber, so you can do your very own pedicure at home. Our facial care kit comes with a tea tree soap, a facial cream and toner,” said the business owner. 

With the COVID-19 surge, wearing a facemask shouldn’t be an option; it’s a must. But in some cases, masks will cause dry skin. “It does! One customer shared how she has to wear her mask all day and the area covered by the mask became extremely dry and began peeling. So, I suggested our facial care kit and a couple months later she sent me an email about how smooth and beautiful her skin looks and feels. 

“Another customer complained about how the mask makes her sweat a lot and causes her skin to flare up. It also triggered her eczema to flare up as well. I gave her one of our skin salve products and asked her to call me to let me know if it helped her condition. It did! Now she brags to her family, friends and coworkers about our skin salve. She didn’t have to use much and now her skin is back to normal. 

“I’m not only here to sell my products, but I want to make sure they’re beneficial to your skin condition. Our skin salves are amazing! If you have eczema, it will lighten your dark spots, and it’s had a very quick turnaround for everyone that’s used it. People also use it when they have itchy feet and it stops the itching almost immediately. It locks in the moisture so you don’t have to worry about it itching all day,” said Shonna Oglesby. 

Elite Skincare has a vendor that sells handcrafted masks and the store has a mask mist to keep it smelling fresh. “And the mist keeps the mask from irritating your skin,” said Shonna. 

As a teacher, I wear my mask all day, so I love Elite Skincare’s mask mist. I joked with Shonna about how the mist keeps me from smelling that morning and all-day breath. 

Shonna shared that when Elite Skincare was only a vision, her family and friends were always there for support. “They still come to vendor events with me, to pass out samples and whatever else is needed. I couldn’t have done this without them,” said Shonna. 

Her positive energy is contagious and her smile will warm any heart. As soon as you walk into the door, she has a way of making you feel special. “I treat everyone like family,” said Shonna. When you meet Shonna, it’s evident why she has so many repeat customers. Many of them have been there since 2010. When you make an appointment for a consultation, Shonna will give you a tour of the entire store, which makes you feel right at home. If you’re busy and don’t have time to choose the right products, she’ll put a system together to fit your lifestyle, “All you have to do is call and set up an appointment. When you get there, I will do the rest. I also do curbside service as well,” said the mother and wife of seven years. “My ultimate goal is to help my customers take care of themselves and be mindful of the importance of selfcare. Everyone needs to make time for themselves and enjoy those moments,” shared Shonna. 

Southeast Middle and Glenn High School should be very proud to have this phenomenal woman as one of their representatives. “My parents always taught me to be kind to everyone, no matter how they treat you. It’s not your role to handle them. Your role is to be their light, because you never know what someone is going through or been through. Give everyone love, because love conquers all. That’s the same love that I greet my customers with when they come into my store,” said Shonna Oglesby. owner of my Business of the Month, Elite Skincare, located at 25 E. Clemmonsville Road in Winston-Salem. Open Friday and Saturday 1-6 p.m. Call 336-365-6588 or email, IG and Facebook @iameliteskincare.  

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