Busta’s Business of the Month: It’s a family affair

Shaun and Arlinda Mayes, Mayes Video Productions, with son Evan and daughter Ariel.

Busta’s Business of the Month: It’s a family affair
March 14
00:30 2019

By Busta Brown

The first thing I noticed was the love Shaun and Arlinda Mayes have for each other. They own Mayes Video Productions in Winston-Salem and it’s clear Arlinda keeps everything in order. “I’m behind the scenes. I make sure everything is put together right. If we need batteries, I’m the one that goes and gets the batteries. I change the mount on the camera in the middle of a show, and I radio in and tell him what needs to be done. That’s me.”

Shaun was smiling big and proud as his wife shared her responsibilities for their company. He truly admires his wife and is a true-to-life family man. The Mayes patriarch is training his 19-year-old son Evan in the video production business as well. “I help with the ideas for social media and promotions. I admire my dad and what he does. He inspired me to do my own YouTube. He teaches me to be independent,” said Evan, as he looked at his father with admiration. As a father of a 19-year-old myself, I could tell the Mayes’ parents raised a true gentleman. Shaun loves working with his family. “They’re the wind beneath my wings,” said the CEO of Mayes Video Productions.

Shaun was doing video production as a hobby for 15 years before starting the family business. “1994 is when we started. A friend of ours wanted us to film their wedding, and I just had a slim cam at the time. We got it done, and since then it turned into a passion,” he said. “It’s definitely a passion of his and I’m glad we can support with this,” said the matriarch of the family.

Mayes Video Productions provides their clients with their vision in media. “People come to us with a vision and they want it to have flair and attitude. We sit down with them and ask what they want to see and then we make it happen. We go big with lights, audio, video, everything multi-media has to offer. We make it happen for our clients. And when they get the finished product, they look at it and say Wow! One client said it was better than what we envisioned and that’s always our goal,” said Shaun. They pride themselves on helping clients grow their business. Shaun said, “There’s a saying that you have 10 seconds to get somebody’s attention, and we help our clients do that. We help them create a product that people want to see, which helps them generate lots of business. The amount of gratitude we get when our clients are satisfied is priceless.”

Arlinda smiles. “I’m very proud of him because he does put a lot of time and effort into what he does. When he says ‘I’m going to work,’ I’m like, go ahead and take your time.” Evan jumped in as well. “We use three cameras to give our clients all aspects of the different views and angles. It really gives you better picture and product.”

I love one of the quotes in Mayes Video Productions bio: “We capture your memories in motion.” I asked Shaun to paint a picture with his words. “Imagine the picture is a still shot from years and years ago, or even VHS tapes from years ago. What we like to do is put together a production of different perspectives on video. It’s amazing! The clients will say, ‘We didn’t see that years ago.’ But it’s something that was already there, so we create that memory in motion.”

They can take your old beta, VHS, etc and create your very own memory in motion. They do weddings, concerts, stage plays, conferences, church services, funerals – “We do it all,” said Arlinda.

Mayes Productions is a full-service company. “We have everything you need to do a great video production – sound, lights, audio, cameras, we have it all. We provide promotional materials for our clients as well. We not only give our clients a great product, we also give them an experience,” said Shaun. Go to thewinstonsalem Chronicle YouTube channel to see the beautiful Mayes family and check out more of my interview. Contact Mayes Video Productions at 336-624-8657 or

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