Busta’s Business of the Week: Honeybee Grocery Delivery makes life sweeter for their customers

Busta’s Business of the Week: Honeybee Grocery Delivery makes life sweeter for  their customers
March 17
14:31 2021

By Busta Brown

One of the greatest struggles for most of us is finding time to grocery shop. It may seem like a simple task until you realize that every trip to the supermarket, you always forget something. And the entire trip back to the store, you’re talking to yourself, “I don’t know why I make a list. I always forget something anyway.”  

You’re not alone. Most families struggle to balance work and family time. Honeybee Grocery Delivery service can relieve you from that stress! 

Tamika Wells worked extremely hard and made some serious sacrifices to become the CEO and founder of Honeybee Grocery Delivery services. “My son and I lived in trailer parks, I received $400 a month from welfare and food stamps, and we also lived in a one-bedroom apartment where I paid $100 a month for rent. Yep! We did all of that, but of course, that wasn’t enough to feed and clothe my son. So, while attending the University of Connecticut, I began working for a delivery service to provide for my son, because I wanted him to have a safe and better education. My son was a baby while I was in college and they called him the youngest freshman on campus,” shared Tamika, with a big, warm, proud mommy smile. He’s now attending medic school in the U.S. Army, where he’s also a squad leader. 

“After a year working for other delivery services, I realized that people don’t care who’s coming to their door, and it can be very dangerous. So, in 2018, I built a strong relationship all over the Triad through Facebook and other social media platforms,” said Tamika. “In 2019, I left corporate America to become an entrepreneur. I started a company where you know the shoppers, because we live in their communities,” she said. 

Tamika and her Honeybee Delvery staff are considered extended family members to their customers, “Customer service is number one with Honeybee. Take a look at our reviews; they’re top notch!” boasted Tamika. 

The Honeybee Groery Delivery CEO and founder shared something with me that will blow you away! “When someone is fired or quits working for a delivery service, it leaves the homes of previous customers and the communities vulnerable. Because they know who’s there and who’s not. And who’s elderly and sick. They remember their customers’ everyday routines, and it can be extremely dangerous,” shared Wells. What separates Honeybee from the rest, Tamika stated, is  “I built a brand that families can trust and we needed to restore that trust with delivery service companies. Take a look at our reviews; they’re top notch! 

“I only hire people that I know and trust. And the community knows them as well. The services we provide are courier services, where we can do bulk deliveries, business to business. We work with Realtors that give out gift remainders to their clients. I do about 200 deliveries per quarter for one of my Realtor clients. We also do grocery and takeout delivery. And I’ll be hiring hand-picked local drivers that people know,” Tamika continued.

As a child, Tamika related that her grandmother was her first customer. She shopped for her grandmother when she was only nine years old. “If I bought the wrong product brand, she would accept it, but made sure I bought the right one the next time. She didn’t patronize me, she pushed me to be excellent in everything I did and that I am today. That’s why my company services our customers with exactly what they need and not what we think they should have. I wasn’t treated like a little girl; my grandparents taught me to work hard,” said Tamika. 

I’m honored to honor this phenomenal woman during Women’s History Month. She’s a strong, intelligent, confident and a God-fearing woman. 

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month is Honeybee Grocery Delivery. For more information about their services, visit or on IG and Facebook @honeybeegrocerydelivery.

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