Busta’s Community Event of the Week: ‘A Princess Is Coming’ to Blum Park in Winston-Salem this Saturday

Busta’s Community Event of the Week: ‘A Princess Is Coming’ to Blum Park in Winston-Salem this Saturday
June 30
09:55 2022

By Busta Brown

This Saturday at Blum Park in Winston-Salem, some of the city’s unsung heroes will be celebrated. It’s the inaugural “A Princess Is Coming’ Community Day and Altruistic Achievement Awards. 

“Our honoree of the year, Nakeisha Mitchell, would spend her last 20 dollars to feed kids in our community. She would open her place to anyone that needed room, or let them sleep on her couch. She never said no to anyone that needed her help,” said founder and visionary Ikulture Chandler. 

Nine phenomenal women in the Twin City will be recognized with the Altruistic Achievement Awards for their selfless service to their communities. “We’re honoring women that not only helped kids in the projects, but also in the school system as well. They sacrificed their time and families to be an extended parent to kids in the schools. These women created a safe space for their students. That’s an amazing gift that’s often overlooked, and we’re going to honor them for that,” said Chandler, who is the reigning Mrs. North Carolina International 2022. 

Honoree of the year Nakeisha Mitchell shared, “Being honored will be an amazing experience. I’ve never had anyone to acknowledge all the good I’ve done for others throughout the years. I remember the times when I had no one else and I felt so alone. It made me realize that everyone needs someone. So, I try to be that friend who is always there for others.” 

Honoree Ladacia Stone added, “Being crowned at The Princess is Coming is more than an honor to me. I get to stand in the gap for mamas who have birthed, lost, and are still fighting. I have the pleasure of standing on behalf of them to receive a crown; their crown. Being able to remind them that God sees value in them, so valuable that He created them to carry a miracle!”

The qualifications for an Altruistic Achievement Award are women who demonstrate a selfless concern for the well-being of others. “One of our honorees was told she does too much for others, but it didn’t stop her. It inspired her to do even more,” said Ikulture. 

One day, God sent Chandler an amazing vision that she arrived into the inner cities riding in a horse and carriage, to honor women. “The vision was very clear, so I said, I’m going to recreate this. That’s what I’m doing this coming Saturday.” 

A Princess Is Coming Community Day Altruistic Achievement Awards will also crown little girls as princesses. Ikulture said that most little girls dream of being a princess, so the best way to reach a child is through their imagination. “We don’t want to take those dreams away from them. The crowns will encourage them to love themselves from the inside and out, teach them what true beauty is. Their location does not define their intelligence.”

The Winston-Salem native was extremely passionate as she shared her thoughts on the role the media plays on how Black and brown youth see themselves. “The world has spoken down about us for so long that our children are beginning to believe it. I’m doing this event to show the strengths in our Black and brown communities.”

This coming Saturday the spotlight will be on strong women. The next event will spotlight the strong Black and brown men. “As a little girl, I’ve seen so many positive Black men that kept our communities safe. I will always remember the ones that would see us misbehaving and say, ‘I see you! I’m gonna tell your mama.’ And then they would give us words of wisdom. These men protected the elders as well, and we need to get back to that. So, I want to honor them next,” she said. 

The honorees for the inaugural A Princess Is Coming Altruistic Achievement Awardees were all handpicked by the founder. Next year the community will choose the honorees. 

The celebration will have something for everyone. Well-known and respected activist and speaker Terrance Hawkins will speak to men about their role in the community. Hip-hop artist AJ will perform music from his latest CD. “Through his music he embodies the heart of the Black and brown communities. His music is very positive,” shared Ikulture. Also performing is dance group Total Distraction. “These are boys and girls in our communities and they’re going to bring the energy and the fire to get the crowd going. I want people to leave knowing how important it is to support local events like this so they don’t have to spend money to have a positive experience and great time. 

“If they walk away feeling inspired, loved and safe, that is it for me.” 

My Community Event of the Week is A Princess Is Coming Community Day and Altruistic Achievement Awards. This Saturday, July 2, 2-4 p.m. at Blum Park, 2401 Ivy Ave. in Winston-Salem.


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