Busta’s Persons of the Week: Twins learn how to hustle from parents’ work ethic

Busta’s Persons of the Week: Twins learn how to hustle from parents’ work ethic
September 22
14:05 2021

By Busta Brown

“We’ve done everything, from Liberty Street to Downtown Winston-Salem. You name it, we’ve done it.” 

Chelsea and Casey Jones are referring to working in their family businesses. The twins own Travel with the Twins Travel Agency in Winston-Salem. But this story is not just about their business; it’s about their big heart and beautiful spirit. 

“We started our travel agency because we wanted families to know they can afford to take their children to Disney World. We care about making dreams come true. There are so many families that’s not aware they can afford to travel to their dream destinations. We made this happen for so many people. We’ve given away free honeymoons to couples that couldn’t afford it because everyone deserves to live their dream,” shared Chelsea. 

“We have the key to the world and we want to open it for all to enjoy it,” said Casey. The twins said they really care about affordable travel. 

“We make everything affordable so people can get out and enjoy a nice vacation and make some beautiful memories,” said Chelsea. The ladies go above and beyond for their clients to make sure they get exactly what they dreamed. 

Their hustle and hard work ethics began at a young age. “Growing up, my father always had three or four jobs, so we learned first hand the importance of hard work and how to hustle. As children, we sold turkey legs, lemonade, t-shirts … We did so much, Busta! We always had something going on to make money. 

“Watching our parents always having a hustle made it easy to follow in their footsteps,” the twins related. They inherited their warm and caring spirit from their mother, Soncerae “Princess” Jones. “My mother owns Bail Bonds by CJ’s. I came home one day and saw these children in our house and asked my mother who they were. She said their father was locked up and they didn’t have anywhere to go, so I took them in until I get him out. The first thing she asks her clients is if they have kids. Then she’ll work hard to get them out and help get a fresh start. She’s why I believe everyone deserves a second chance,” shared the twins. 

They naturally finish each other’s sentences, so I credit both ladies for most of these quotes. Their father, Clifton, is a retired fireman. He’s the kind of father who taught his daughters to be independent and strong. He added strength to their softness. “We want to share with others what our parents taught us. With our trucking company, C&C Quality Dispatch LLC, we planned to hire felons who are having a hard time finding work. And we’ll teach them how to start their own businesses. This guy who had got out of jail called me and said he wanted a fresh start at living an honest life. He said, ‘Casey help me out. I have some money I want to invest, because I’m tired of the streets. I’m tired of looking over my back, and I have kids now. I can’t go back in jail.’ So, Chelsea and I helped him start his own business.” 

Their love for people also flows into the community as well. The Jones’ ladies have a non-profit called “Giving Angels,” where they mentor young girls. They created a program at Carver High School and do back to school, food, clothes, and toy drives for local youth and families. The family’s bail bonds business has 13 agents working under them, so it’s doing extremely well. 

“Our goal is to leverage Travel with the Twins Travel Agency as well. C&C Quality Dispatch took a huge hit due to COVID-19, but it’s up and running again. Our goal is to expand the business so we can put lots of people to work.”

Chelsea’s nine-year-old daughter admires her mom’s hard work, “When I’m on a call handling my business, she mimics me, as if she’s running the business. Just like my sister and I did with our parents. I love when she sees my sister and I making it possible for parents to take their children on Disney cruises and vacations, because giving back is why we do what we do. There’s no better feeling than hearing the beautiful stories our clients share with us when they return from a vacation.”

Chelsea attended Winston-Salem State University for three years and was in their nursing program. She decided to take a break to start her own business and also to help with the family business. 

Casey attended Salem College on a basketball scholarship, where she broke multiple records. “I played ball all my life. It’s my first love. I played all four years at Carver,” shared Casey. During her junior year at Salem College, she also decided to get into the family business and then eventually she and Chelsea started Travel with the Twins. She went back to school to earn a degree in accounting and handles all of the family businesses’ financials.   

For more information call 336-251-7271 or follow on social media.

My phenomenal Persons of the Week are Casey and Chelsea Jones.

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