Busta’s Person of the Week: A nine-year-old future gazillionaire

Chef J'Avia

Busta’s Person of the Week: A nine-year-old future gazillionaire
March 28
00:00 2019

By Busta Brown

“I’m going to have a gazillion stores nationwide. I wanna see my candles in everybody’s house, and I wanna inspire other kids to start their dreams,” said nine-year-old J’Avia.

J’Avia owns a candle business, Chef J’Avia Scents, in Winston-Salem. Her kiosk is set up in the Marketplace Mall on Peters Creek Parkway. As people entered the mall, they couldn’t help but visit the kiosk, because it smells wonderful and the vibe is very inviting.

The first face I noticed was a smiling Chef J’Avia, her beautiful family and lots of happy and satisfied customers surrounding the nine-year-old future gazillionaire’s kiosk. Carolyn Davis said she’s very proud to support the young entrepreneur. “I came out here specifically for this candle. I got the lemon pound cake.”

Meldine Lee is another satisfied customer. “I did come out just to see her. I’m really impressed.” Meldine bought three candles – two orange loving spells and one warm apple.

Chef J’Avia has a great rapport with her customers. When you meet the adorable nine-year-old, her positive spirit is contagious. Everyone walked away with candles and a warm smile. “Your candles smell beautiful. You’re special and very blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive family,” said a new customer before she left with several candles.

The names of the candles are fun and uplifting. “We have birthday cake and red velvet, and they have different colors. We have Fruit Loops – It has three layers and kids really love that cause it’s a cereal. We have magical unicorn for little girls. They’re like oooh! Is it magical? Black tuxedo and black tea, these scents that men love,” Chef J’Avia shared. She even has a bacon-scented candle. “Nobody has the birthday or red velvet candle, or Fruit Loops. You can’t find these candles anywhere else. I have a funny and crazy personality and that’s how I came up with all the names for my candles. If I didn’t have my personality, they would be regular candles.”

I bought the Fruit Loops candle for my six-year-old son Nate and he loves it. I asked J’Avia what the ingredients for the Fruit Loops candles are and she replied with a cute smile, “It’s a secret.” I asked how it feels to own a business at such a young age. “I’m a step ahead having my own business now, instead of waiting ‘til I’m 18 and working, then working for somebody else. I started a candle business because I always liked making potions, so I have fun doing this.”

Fun is written all over her face. “I also love talking and making them smile, so that’s one of the things I love most about my business.” And people clearly love talking to her; she was nearly sold out of candles in the 30 minutes we talked.

J’Avia has two important ingredients she couldn’t keep a secret. When you visit her kiosk at the Marketplace Mall, it’s obvious: Family and love. One customer said it best: her family is very supportive. The entire family was in full work mode. Mom Philicia Carter Blue, dad Dion Blue, baby sister Dionna, and her 11-year sister JCB, who’s also an entrepreneur. “Dionna will be an entrepreneur as well,” said Philicia. Both Dion and Philicia credit their daughter’s business sense and intellect due to home schooling. “It has a huge impact on her skills. We’re able to work with her one on one, and that helps with developing her ability to think quick. With home school it’s easier to focus on teaching her entrepreneurship. That helps her with math skills, and communication skills. She knows how to count quickly and think on the spot,” said mom. “The candle making process is science. She must measure the ingredients, create fragrances, pour the ingredients into the vase. It’s a lot of work that helps learn first hand about science,” said dad. Dion also helps J’Avia make the candles.

The future gazillionaire is very independent, says mom. “We don’t have to do much. She talks to the customers, make sales, order supplies, come up with the scents, choose the wax that we use. She’s involved in all the decision making.”

She’s also very animated about the candles being all-natural soy, safe, and no toxins. As a parent, I love knowing that information. My son Nate was smelling his Fruit Loop candle the entire ride home. Before we went home, we made a quick stop to the grocery store to pick up a box of Fruit Loops cereal. I can see Chef J’Avia on the cereal box, with that contagious smile. Gazillions!

I asked little business princess how she has fun. “I play on my phone researching new ideas for my business. I like to stay updated. I like to learn Spanish. I know Spanish. And I like to watch TV with my sister and play with my sister.” I asked who her favorite celebrity is, and she confidently said, “Me. I’m my favorite celebrity.” And she didn’t break a smile. At that point, she became one of my favorite celebrities as well. She credits her parents for her success. “I followed in their footsteps. They always told me I should never work for anybody. I seen them and my sister start a business, and they told me that I can do it, too.”

What’s her 10-year plan? “I want to move to Los Angeles and open up lots of stores there.” Chef J’Avia is also a great cook and plans to open a gazillion restaurants as well. Stop by Chef J’Avia Scents kiosk at the Marketplace Mall in Winston-Salem. You can contact her at 336-893-4209 or

To see my interview with J’Avia go to our YouTube channel at winstonsalem chronicle.

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