Busta’s Person of the Week: Andrea Goode thanks God for stroke

Busta’s Person of the Week: Andrea Goode thanks God for stroke
February 07
00:00 2019

By Busta Brown

“I was laying on the floor when a colleague found me, and I couldn’t feel anything in the right side of my body,” said Andrea Goode. Goode had no idea what was happening to her, and was very afraid.

“My first thought was staying alive for my children and husband. Whatever it was, I refused to let it kill me,” she said.  The day before her stroke was one of the best of her 18-year marriage to husband Antwan Goode.  He received his PhD in Organization and Management, with a specialization in leadership.  Antwan said he couldn’t have done it without his wife’s support.  “She made sure I got all of my assignments in, kept me organized while running her business, and taking care of our kids. You really don’t know how significant your wife is until something like that happens. I really didn’t know the scope of what she did to help me achieve my PhD. She was the glue,” said Mr. Goode.  The Goodes’ spirits were high, and then the next morning it began. “I took my son to school and I went to the office. I went to open the door and I had no strength in my right arm. My whole right side and my vision were affected.” Andrea was alone at the time and things got worse, “I slid down the wall and just laid there helpless.” She lay on the floor in front of her office for a while, “and then someone came and found me.”

When Antwan found out his wife was in the hospital, he rushed to her side, and what happened next proves that love is the best medicine.  “When the children and I walked in her room, she was laid out and wasn’t moving, and I said let’s pray. She said, ‘I can’t see out of my left eye.’ So I started kissing that eye, and then I said hold tight; God is too amazing, so hold on. And she started crying and I kissed her tears.” Andrea’s response to her husband was powerful.  “I slowly got my vision back.” She was in rehab for six weeks. “These past three years of recovery haven’t been easy, I had to learn to do a lot of things differently. But I decided I wasn’t going to give up. I wasn’t going to lie there and let it take over me. I always drove a truck, so they said ‘if you can get into the truck you can go home,’” Andrea said, as she and Antwan laughed. She did just that, got into her truck and went home.

“I had a strong will, because I had to get home to take care of my children and my husband, to make sure that they were on track.” I was sitting there in amazement. She’s recovering from a stroke, yet the only thing on her mind is taking care of her family. What a phenomenal woman! “The most important thing to me is that I survive to see my children become adults and successful. They will do dynamic things and I want to be here to see that.” The Goodes have two children, daughter Kennedy, who does community health fairs to bring awareness about strokes and high blood pressure, and son, Harrison, who wants to do equine veterinary studies.

Antwan was working for a very successful company and doing well, so both made great sacrifices. He worked out with his wife, took care of all her needs, made sure the children were fed, got back and forth to school, homework, and so much more. They also built a relationship with their neighbors. “I didn’t cook for 56 days. My neighbors had our meals ready all seven days.” Andrea added, “Everyone should do a better job at knowing their neighbors. Our church was very supportive as well, we couldn’t have gotten this far without them.” Then Antwan added, “I’ve never seen that kind of love.”

What’s most inspiring about Andrea’s testimony is her statement: “I thank God for my stroke, because it gave me time to tap into all of my gifts.” Those gifts helped the Goodes start a successful business during Andrea’s recovery, Tate Consulting.  “The key to our success stems from our company standards. We believe that spirituality, passion, tenacity, vision, attitude, power and trust are necessary to help us change a life,” said Andrea.

Tate Consulting specializes in leadership training and developing customized courses and curricula that challenge leaders to share their gifts and talents to solve global initiatives. I asked Andrea about her part in the company. “I specialize in examining economic issues to help view cause-and-effect strategies to solve client strategic gaps. I’m passionate in analyzing employee health, inflation, energy, provide strategies for business cycles, and to explore historical trends to make accurate forecasts.” Andrea La Mone Goode is a Fleer Center Honors graduate from Salem College. You can see the rest of my interview with Antwan and Andrea Goode on our Winstonsalem Chronicle YouTube channel. Their testimony is one of true love, faith, trust and family. You will also enjoy the love story of how they met and more. To contact the Goodes, call (336) 464-3130 Ext. 1242.

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