Busta’s Person of the Week: DJ Diesel plays the hottest music while teaching new DJs the trade

Busta’s Person of the Week: DJ Diesel plays the hottest music while teaching new DJs the trade
January 17
13:56 2023

By Busta Brown

I want to put the spotlight on a young man who found great success in one of the most underrated businesses and careers. What makes him even more amazing, he helps young men and women in the Winston-Salem area find success as well. 

But first you must put in some hard work. Deshawn Turner is doing exactly that. Most importantly, he understands the business side of being a DJ. “I teach my DJs that your network is your net worth. Some of the younger guys don’t know what a W9 is, so I teach that, and how to create an LLC. The great DJs understand the importance of marketing, branding, sales, and how to create leads,” shared Deshawn Turner. 

Turner is the owner and CEO of Cheers Entertainment LLC. It’s a company that provides an extensive entertainment program designed for up-and-coming DJs in Winston-Salem. “It allows them to flourish and gain continuous knowledge of the fundamentals of DJing through extensive training and great opportunities,” said Deshawn. 

Going by the name of DJ Diesel, Turner is one of the most sought-after DJs in the country. When the hit reality TV Show Pawn Stars filmed in Winston-Salem, they hired DJ Diesel for the evening. He also landed a cameo appearance on the hit show. 

His list of accolades is very impressive. He works with Winston Salem State University, Millennium Center, Legacy Stables, Robert Hall, 102 Jamz, and more. The Asheville, North Carolina native earned a degree in mass communications and marketing at Winston-Salem State University, which he credits for his business savvy and a successful eight-year career as a financial analyst for State Employees Credit Union. He’s very active with The Thurgood Marshall College Foundation and Boston Thurman United.

What separates Deshawn from the rest is his passion to help the next generation. “I want to see them experience great things and make money as well,” he said. And he’s doing just that. He started Cheers Entertainment LLC in 2008. The company is highly respected by his peers and the Winston-Salem business community. The DJs that are under his company’s umbrella are doing very well also. DJ 3rd recently toured with superstar Grammy nominee hip-hop artist DaBaby. Party MC is the DJ for North Carolina State University’s football games. DJ SK is the DJ for High Point University basketball games, and the list goes on. 

“I don’t mind putting somebody on and they do better than me, because I’ve learned that the higher your people excel, so will your company. You excel together. And it’s my goal, to help them succeed,” said the CEO. 

Diesel is mixed with a bit of the street flavor and tons of kindness. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met in years. When you’re having a tough day, he’s the one you need in your corner. The father of one also worked with Winston-Salem’s legendary 9th Wonder. “We did a hip-hop summit together. We teach the five elements of hip-hop. I taught the DJ portion of hip-hop and 9th taught the music production side,” said DJ Diesel. This year he and DJ Paradime are going to teach a DJ course at North Carolina Central. The brotha is puttin’ in the work! 

I asked the husband of five years how he adapted during the pandemic. “For a lot of old school DJs, adapting to today’s technology was a challenge,” he said. Eventually, their wisdom kicked in and took today’s DJ technology to the next level, “The old school style of DJing is coming back. If you look on social media platforms these days, they’re taking 90’s hip-hop lyrics and putting over the original old school instrumentals, which gives us the advantage over the younger DJs because we know those songs,” said DJ Diesel. He got excited, “Busta, it’s up outta here for us old DJs, I’m telling you!” 

The father of one said his greatest inspirations are his parents. “We lived in a low-income housing community, but my father never allowed me to have that mindset. I never had the mindset of a man without money. He would tell me to go get some snacks. But he would never say it’s coming from the local food bank. He never instilled the negative ideology of the hood. My father was so dope, Busta!” Diesel said with pride. 

His father also taught him the importance of hard work and great work ethics. He looked at me for a few seconds, and I could feel a soft spirit come over him as he talked about his mother. “She instilled kindness in me. How to care and to give back to others. She also made sure I went to church. She’s a phenomenal woman,” he said with a warm heart. Unfortunately, in 2021, his father passed away due to a stroke and lung cancer. But his knowledge will live on through his amazing son. “My father told me to never play with opportunity.”

I asked DJ Diesel what keeps him focused and humble. “My wife is my driving force. She’s the difference maker in my life and my business. Even if she’s not helping with my business, she’s holding it down at home. She holds me down in every aspect in my life. I have a phenomenal wife, friend and mother to my son. She’s my everything.” 

My phenomenal Person of the Week is Deshawn “DJ Diesel” Turner. For more info, follow Deshawn “DJ Diesel” Turner on Facebook or visit, and

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