Busta’s Person of the Week: Gina Tate trains young people for a show business career at THE POINTE!

Busta’s Person of the Week: Gina Tate trains young people for a show business career at THE POINTE!
November 17
12:10 2022

By Busta Brown

Gina Tate is a name you need to know. Her journey is very inspiring, but it wasn’t a smooth ride. “I grew up with a father that thought as an African American, there’s no way you’re going to make it as a dancer. He said it wasn’t something you could make a living doing. He made me feel as if I had to prove myself as a Black woman in this industry, to show him that I was good enough to do whatever I set my mind to,” said Gina.

Her father passed in 2010, but fortunately, he was able to see what his beautiful and talented daughter did. “I put together our annual recital, which he attended. I remember looking back at him and he was crying the entire time.”

During the intermission, Gina and her father shared a very emotional moment. “I went up to my father and asked, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? He said, ‘I didn’t know, I just didn’t know,’ and that was it. I was happy he was able to see what my gift to the world was before he passed. That was awesome!” shared an emotional Gina Tate.

In 2006, the beautiful entrepreneur, wife and mother, opened The POINTE! Studio of Dance in Greensboro. The dance studio quickly gained a reputation for training the best of the best young dancers, singers and actors in North Carolina. In 2020 when COVID hit, Gina said she decided to downsize. “I wanted a training ground geared towards the entertainment and arts to help children and adults tap into their passions and make a career out of it.”  

With the help of her staff and her good friend, director, actress and acting teacher, Robin T. Rich-McGhie, this dynamic crew turned The POINTE! Company and Technique Conservatory into a training ground to teach very technical dance, vocal and dramatic training. The company also teaches their students how to maintain professionalism when they go out into the real world, to have values, and how to be amazing individuals. which she feels is extremely important for her students.

The POINTE! Company and Technique Conservatory’s track record speaks for itself. Her son, Avilon Trust Tate, has a very impressive acting, dancing and singing resume. He’s recently been cast in his first Broadway tour, “Mean Girls,” and is currently on tour for nine months. Several students from THE POINTE! Company and Technique Conservatory also have successful careers in the entertainment industry. Brion Watson was cast in two hit Broadway Musicals, “Hamilton” and “Wicked.”  Jordan Speas is currently on tour as the Genie in “Aladdin.”  Jaylan Evans is a regular in the new Netflix series, “My Life With The Waterboys,” and his first animation cartoon of “Spirit Rangers,” along with two more students on their way to the big stage of Broadway.

 “It’s a big deal, but I can’t talk about that yet,” said an excited and proud Gina. She’s an amazing dancer, actor and singer, and has done choreography for lots of famous artists. A fun fact: she was one of 37 women out of 800 to earn an inaugural position with the Carolina Panthers football team as a “Top Cat” professional cheerleader! 

Gina’s passion for acting came at a very early age. “I was an Annie fanatic. I wanted to be the first Black Annie! I was born in Akron, Ohio, and I used to beg my mom to take me to their community center for auditions. My mom was a single parent at that time, so she was at work. I waited on her all day so she could take me, and she did not show up and it broke my heart,” shared Gina. 

Years later, she noticed there was never an African American Annie. “I’ve seen Annie on Broadway and never saw a Black girl. My production partner, Robin, and I got together and did an all-dance rendition of Annie called ‘It’s A Hard Knock Life.’ The production received rave reviews at The National Black Theater Festival in Winston-Salem. We were already in production before Jamie Foxx came out with his movie version of ‘Annie,’” said Gina. 

She was very open and honest about the work that goes into what she does. “It’s hard, it’s very hard. It’s a lot of work and exhausting.” She said that there were plenty of days that she wanted to quit, but it was her mother’s love that kept Gina in the industry for so long. “I got so much joy watching my son Avilon come under me and I wanted him to have the best, so all of my students got the best as well. It’s what I love to do, so I’ll continue to train,” she said, with a warm and sweet smile. 

Her husband, Jamie Tate, is also an amazing singer and very supportive of his wife’s vision. “He asked me, ‘Where would these kids be without THE POINTE!’” she shared with a huge smile. It was sweet. 

Her second passion is interior decorating and her business called “A UNIQUE POINTE! OF VIEW.” Her design business is another expression of the arts that she loves to create. 

 Learn more about The POINTE! at phenomenal Person of the Week is Gina Tate.

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