Busta’s Person of the Week: Ricco Barrino’s new song goes back to the good music: ‘Music that’s timeless!’

Busta’s Person of the Week: Ricco Barrino’s new song goes back to the good music:  ‘Music that’s timeless!’
July 27
05:23 2023

By Busta Brown

I asked Ricco to tell us about his new song, “Let’s Dance,” featuring his sister, R&B superstar Fantasia.

“We wanted to do something incredible for the Carolinas,” Ricco Barrino explained. “Let’s Dance is different from what people are used to. We wanted to go back to the good music that every demographic can relate to. The cookout, family reunion, and the music we play at family holiday parties. Music that’s timeless!” said Ricco. 

“I had already done the song and it got leaked and the response was amazing. Tasia and my management team said it’s a hit and I deserved to put the song out. Tasia said, ‘Let’s get the song out there.’ She was ready to cut her verse and the results were magical,” said Ricco. 

The video for Ricco’s smash hit was shot in Tyler Perry’s studio. The close siblings teamed up to start their own record label, Rocksoul. “When you have the right team, you can move stronger together. She’s the CEO and I’m the quality control and A&R guy.” 

You can look forward to some hot new artists coming from the RockSoul label!

One of the many positive attributes I dig about Ricco is that he doesn’t mind putting even more shine on his famous sister’s already bright spotlight. “My sister’s name continues to hold a lot of weight. What keeps her relevant is the oil. God! Some people just got it!” shared a very passionate and proud Ricco. 

He added, “While touring with Tasia, I was in amazement of how she connects with her audience. I told her how incredible it is to watch her transition from one of her hit R&B songs, into a total praise and worship. The crazy part is, she’ll stop singing and the crowd will start harmonizing. It’s incredible, Busta!”

I asked Ricco: When did you catch the music and entertainment bug?

“I found my gift during my senior year in high school. I was recruited by North Carolina State University to play football, but I got into a little trouble. I asked myself if I wanted to wake up with bumps and bruises, sprains, etc. It became clearer to me that my passion was in the family business, which is music. It was behind the scenes, as well as writing, producing and helping other artists accomplish their dreams of being in the music business. That’s where I found where I could be of service to others.” 

Ricco isn’t new to the music game. In 2006, his song “Bubble Gum” was a big success. In 2009, he was featured on Young LA’s hit, “Futuristic Love.” The hits kept coming. Barrino worked with big names such T.I., and made an appearance on his sister Fantasia’s album. In the late ‘90s and early 2000s, he was the lead singer in a local band that had the potential to become one of the greatest. “People were pulling at us because everyone wanted musicians. So, I went solo,” said Ricco. By the grace of God, his solo career is going extremely well. Way to go lil bro!

Achieving success isn’t easy. I asked Ricco, what were your greatest challenges as a child and adult that prepared you for the grit and grime of the music business? The biggest challenge and sacrifice for young Ricco was leaving his hometown. 

“Coming up in a small town, you have to learn how to evolve and see yourself in big rooms. I never wanted to leave High Point. You can be extremely talented, but if you don’t take a chance to see what is out there, it’ll be hard to reach your greatest potential. When I was younger, to pack up and move to Atlanta to further my career was my greatest challenge.” 

If you know anything about the game of chess. Ricco’s move to Atlanta was a checkmate. “As an adult, my greatest challenge was to understand the word responsibility, and be a giver in whatever capacity I’m able to give. We all have a responsibility for something much bigger than ourselves. 

“I know how important it is to leave a legacy. You have to be unselfish to understand the importance of a legacy. It’s about what you leave behind. My parents taught me how to be unselfish. They also taught us faith. Anybody can have tenacity and grit naturally. But they instilled faith in us, and with faith came prayer. No matter what level you’re in life, you’re going to have great days and bad days. And you need faith and prayer to get you through,” said Ricco.

Tell us about your family’s roots. “The Barrino name comes from the Black, Cuban and Sicilian roots. Our musical roots were passed down to my grandfather, to my father and so on. It’s very deep. My grandparents did gospel music and from them came The Barrino Brothers. They were signed to the legendary Motown songwriters and producers Holland Dozier Brothers. My dad, Joe Barrino, also sang with The Hailey Brothers gospel group. The Hailey Brothers offspring are KC and JoJo Hailey of Jodeci. Then came Anthony Hamilton, who is a third cousin of the Barrino family. And the legacy goes on,” shared Ricco.

What’s next for Ricco Barrino? “Giving back. Helping new artists with the RockSoul movement. Right now, I’m currently the executive producer for my sister’s new projects, both gospel and R&B. I let God carve out my future, so the sky’s the limit.”

What advice would you give to up-and-coming artists? “Be fearless and protect your faith level, because there will be times when you feel like you can’t make it. Once you learn how to overcome fear and have strength in faith, you’ll become a force in all things.”

Your favorite scripture? “John 10:11, ‘I am the good shepherd.’ The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

My phenomenal Person of the Week is Ricco Barrino. Follow Ricco on all social media platforms @riccobarrino.

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