Busta’s Person of the Week: Talk, cry and laugh with Tisha Raye’s ‘judgement-free zone’ podcast

Busta’s Person of the Week: Talk, cry and laugh with Tisha Raye’s ‘judgement-free zone’ podcast
October 13
13:56 2021

By Busta Brown

“Growing up, I was told what I couldn’t do, or not going to do. I was told how I wasn’t brave enough to pursue my dreams. I went through being put down and tossed to the back burner. I became an extremely sad person and was afraid to try new things. I had no confidence,” shared Tisha Raye. 

Then one day Tisha had an encounter with one of her teachers at North Forsyth High School in Winston-Salem. “I’ll never forget it! She always said if you don’t make that first step, you will never amount to anything. And a closed mouth never gets heard or fed. So, I said to myself, ‘I got a voice and I’m going to use it!’ That statement helped me find myself without anyone guiding me or mentoring me. I had to figure it all out myself,” shared the proud Winston-Salem native. 

The legendary journalist Denise Franklin was an inspiration for Raye. “Watching powerful Black women like her pushed me to be great. I got out of the shell I was in and made some power moves. I had to do it and make it happen.” 

At the age of six,  Raye would stand in front of a mirror with a microphone and mimic the popular 90’s talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael. “I wore my little fake glasses and pretended I had an audience. I’ve always known I wanted to be on TV and radio,” said Tisha. 

She’s a good example of faith with works. Tisha Raye’s mother taught her about the power of prayer and hard work.  She hustled hard and made connections in the media business. It eventually landed her an internship at one of the top radio stations in the Triad. With hard work and discipline, she became one of their top part-time personalities. Tisha credits some of the veteran jocks at the station for their mentorship. “They were the main reason I was able to get into the station and have the conversation with the operations manager. Because of watching Wanda Starke, Sandra Hughes and Denise Franklin; I was inspired to get in front of the TV camera as well.” shared Tisha. 

I’ve been in the business for nearly 30 years, so I know a star when I see one. Tisha Raye has all the ingredients to become a media superstar! In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, radio and TV stations took a huge hit financially. Raye was let go from her part-time position at the local radio station, but that only added fuel to her fire.

Because of COVID, millions of Americans were discouraged and trying to figure out how to bounce back after losing their jobs. But not this mother of four. Instead, she took her career to the next level. 

In 2020 Boomin on the Block with Tisha Raye was born. The podcast is becoming one of the top conversation pieces in the Triad. Tisha is unapologetic about her bold, raw and wide-open topics and conversations. “It is a judgement-free zone, Busta. People listen to me because they know we’re going to talk, cry, and laugh together. We talk about everything! You can come preach, teach, dance, or whatever you want to do. We’ve become family on my podcast. The best and most important thing about Boomin on the Block with Tisha Raye is you’ll definitely learn something new every time you watch.”

Tisha Raye is also a media correspondent for the company Limelight and The Media Girls Network Team. She is active in the community as well. “I love my community and I work heavy out there. I volunteer to feed the homeless, I do giveaways on my podcast, and I visit nursing homes. I do a lot of fun and creative things with the residents. I’m also working on Boomin on the Block Foundation to create a scholarship program. I love children, they’re our future. It’ll be an investment in our future, so that they don’t have all the violence they see today. I want to do my part and be there for our children as much as I can.”

As tough, bold and wide open as she is, the podcast host has a sweet and soft spot as well. “My children. I love spending time with them. They’re my number one priority and there’s no better feeling. Whenever I’m going through it, my children and I pray together. My mother always taught me to go into my prayer closet, and that’s what I do.”

Boomin on the Block with Tisha Raye also spotlights local artists and small businesses as well. “I want to help promote anyone on the come up,” said Tisha. I asked where she sees her podcast and career five years from now. “I’ll be in every house in the world and I’ll have a daytime talk show as well.

“I had a tough moment two weeks ago and I had to take myself off social media. But I shook it off and now I’m back and better than ever. We must learn how to inspire ourselves and create a positive spirit and refuse to give up!” 

You can watch Boomin on the Block with Tisha Raye on YouTube and IG. My phenomenal Person of the Week is Tisha Raye. 

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