Busta’s Youth of the Week: We’re saving our youth by changing their mindset

Busta’s Youth of the Week: We’re saving our youth by changing their mindset
July 05
12:38 2023

By Busta Brown

I’ve seen over the recent years how the changes in our society, hip-hop culture, and social media have affected the behavior of our youth at home, in school and our communities. I believe we can all agree that we are in a CRISIS! 

The fantastic news is there’s a group of youth that has charged themselves with the great task of offering another option to what COOL is. I first introduced you to my youth organization New Cool Movement in 2021. Since then, we have a YouTube channel, podcast and now an Internet radio station. Our goal is the same: To help improve and promote positive images among youth 10-18. 

We’re using our platform to give us access to youth throughout the world. I believe we can and will save our youth by changing their mindset. Dr. Renita Webb said, “Send the children into the world with a mindset of positivity and hope. That will help them become the change they want to see.” Shifting the mindset of our youth will change the culture and eventually change the world. 

I believe image plays a huge role with their behavior. New Cool Movement works hard daily, brainstorming on ways to rebuild and repair relationships with adults and families, while increasing youth involvement in the communities and schools. The president of New Cool Movement, 16-year-old Jeremiah Jett, shared this powerful message on New Cool Movement social media platforms: “Recently I heard lots of rappers saying they want to be better or be in a better situation. It reminds me of a tree. When a tree grows to its fullest potential and it tries to bear fruit, it can’t. Like a lot of us, it may not be in the right situation. For the fruit to grow on that tree, it must have the right amount of water, good soil, and sunlight. For the tree to get the right amount of sunlight, it must come out of the darkness. To move out of the darkness, you must do a little less wrong every day. And you will accomplish the peace, love and joy we all deserve.” 

One of the two 10-year-old New Cool Movement members, Nate Brown, shared, “If kids see other kids making it cool to do something positive, then they will want to do the same. Some of my favorite quotes are, to become better, take courage and work harder. Yes … it’s hard, but it’s worth it. Dreams are made by doing. To find your talent, you must seek. If you work hard, the world is yours.” Community building is the New Cool Movement way!

New Cool Movement member Jaydah Wom said, “Today’s youth are going through so much mentally and physically, and peer pressure dominates social media daily. This is why our Internet radio station, podcast, YouTube channel and IG platforms are extremely important. We speak directly to them about the issues we face each day. Our New Cool Movement platforms offer a safe, non-judgmental, loving and positive space and place for them to express their views and opinions.” She added, “I love that we give to our communities and not expecting something back.” 

One of our founding members, Nasir Washington, shared, “Our station will show youth that you can really do anything if you put in the work and not give up. The music and content are youth appropriate and give youth another option of cool. You don’t have to just listen to violence and cussing to be cool. Clean music and content are good for your mental, physical, and emotional health. New Cool Movement also encourages youth to pick up trash and not litter, visit seniors at nursing homes, help the homeless, and be amazing sons and daughters to our parents.”

Ten-year-old Samari Abrica and her parents listen to our radio station together, “I told my parents about the station, and they think it’s cool. We listen to it all the time. We created a radio station that the entire family can enjoy together.” Samari is the visionary for one of our most beautiful events. In one of our daily GroupMe chats, she asked, “Mr. do we have enough money in our nonprofit account to take kids from foster homes and group homes on a fun day somewhere?” I checked, and we did. So … we did. It was wonderful! Our organization’s vice president, Jonathan Wilcox, said, “Our mission is to motivate youth all over the world to have a healthy, confident and positive self-image, become masters of their lives, develop a civic mindset and a sense of social responsibility. There are kids that don’t enjoy their environment and want a change, but they don’t have a place to do so. That’s where we come in. And that’s why our radio station, forums, and community service are so important.” Jonathan continued, “I can’t think of any other station that I can turn on to listen and jam to without inappropriate content in the songs. But now, I can.’’

President Jeremiah Jett, researched daily to find words of inspiration. He shared this empowering message on all our social media platforms. “Growth begins in the right places. They say that being in the right place at the right time can lead to incredible growth. Whether it’s surrounding yourself with inspiring individuals, exploring new environments, or seeking opportunities aligned with your passions, every step forward takes you closer to your full potential. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and watch yourself blossom. 

“Join The New Cool Movement as we inspire you to seek the right places that nurture your growth and propel you toward success.” 

My Youth of the Week is New Cool Movement. Follow us on Facebook @newcoolmovement, IG New_Cool_Movement, YouTube @New Cool Movement Podcast, our radio station @WNCM, email us at, and visit our website

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