How can the NCAE endorse Roy Cooper who hasn’t supported teachers and education?

How can the NCAE endorse Roy Cooper who hasn’t supported teachers and education?
December 17
00:00 2015

 To the Editor:

First, I always have and always will respect the NCAE [North Carolina Association of Educators] and the work it has done for our public school teachers.

Second, I find it very strange that the NCAE would make an endorsement of anyone before the filing deadline has passed and before they knew all the candidates who would be running in the Democratic Primary for Governor.

Third, the rank and file teachers all across North Carolina have been telling me over the last two years that they will not vote for Roy Cooper based on Roy Cooper and his office siding in court with the Republicans and Pat McCrory against public school teachers and their “teacher tenure” and Roy Cooper’s support in court for “private school vouchers.”

Fourth, teachers have indicated to me that they cannot support Cooper because of his stand in court in suppressing the voting rights of teachers and other North Carolinians.

Fifth, unfortunately the NCAE has yielded to the “establishment ” wing of the Democratic Party to attempt to short circuit the people’s right to decide for themselves who can best represent all the people of this state.

Sixth, the Democratic Party’s establishment wing’s continued effort to “strong arm” the people of our Party and Unaffiliated voters across this state is the very reason why the Republican Party has gained control of the positions of U.S. Senate, Governor, Lt. Governor, N.C. House and N.C. Senate and many other offices.

Seventh, the attempt by the Democratic “establishment” wing of our Party through the endorsement by the NCAE will not deter me from filing for Governor [he filed on Dec. 14] and will not deter me from fighting for our rank and file public school teachers to reinstate “teacher tenure” and will oppose “private school vouchers,” which are bleeding money away from our public schools.

Ken Spaulding

Democratic candidate for Governor

Durham, N.C. 

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