Carlisle to lead local NAACP

Rev. Carlisle

Carlisle to lead local NAACP
December 01
10:00 2016



The local NAACP branch elections went over without any issues as candidates ran unopposed in races for leadership roles and the executive committee.

The Rev. Alvin Carlisle was elected president. He had announced his candidacy months ago, saying former N.C. Sen. Earline Parmon, who died in March, inspired him.

At this crucial time for American democracy, and following last year’s local NAACP controversial election that had to be supervised by state NAACP officials after allegations of foul play, a quiet election is exactly what the local branch needed.

According to branch members, Carlisle will be the first president in some time to begin his tenure with the local branch in good standing with the state board. In years pass, delegates were unable to vote during the state convention.

Other newly elected officials are, Dan Piggott, vice president; Tonya McDaniel, second vice president; the outgoing president, Isaac “Ike” Howard, third vice president; and Jannette Piggott, treasurer. No one was elected for secretary, assistant secretary or assistant treasurer. According to interim secretary Linda Sutton, those positions will be filled at a later date.

Those chosen to serve on the executive committee are James W. Shaw, Rev. Keith Vereen, Walter Marshall, Stephen Hairston, Patrick Thomas, Jamie Transou, Doris S. Herrell, Mittie Glymph-Cooke, Stuart Cooke and Dr. Richard Wyderski.

During an interview with The Chronicle, Carlisle said that during his term as president one of his main focus points will be improving underperforming schools in the area.

“Our biggest focus will be improving the performance of our children in the public school system,” continued Carlisle. “Years ago, the NAACP sponsored after-school programs that were geared toward improving reading scores, and we’re looking to get back to that.”

Carlisle said he will also look to promote black entrepreneurism, and build the connection between the community and elected officials. He said a lot of people believe there is a divide between politicians and the African-American community. Under his watch, the NAACP will look to be a hub where elected officials and community can come together and find solutions to the issues that impact everyone.

“Hopefully, the NAACP can be that mechanism that makes sure community and those in political power are working together,” Carlisle said.

To focus on his new position as president, Carlisle said he will no longer serve as the third vice president of the Ministers’ Conference of Winston-Salem & Vicinity. Carlisle said although he will still be an active member of the organization, his main focus will be reviving the local NAACP branch.

The Ministers’ Conference will hold elections to replace Carlisle and other officers on Tuesday, Dec. 20.

Bishop Todd Fulton, president of the Ministers Conference, said as president of the local NAACP branch, Carlisle will galvanize the community and bring structure back to the organization. Fulton mentioned Carlisle has a track record of bringing people together.

“Reverend Carlisle is a real community organizer. Throughout my tenure as president he was there by my side every step of the way,” said Fulton. “I’m confident  he has what it takes to turn the local NAACP branch around and bring this community together.”

Many of the local branch members seem to be confident in Carlisle ability to lead as well. When Carlisle first announced he would be throwing his hat in the race for president longtime branch member Jimmy Jordan said Carlisle was the right man for the job.

“I think Reverend Carlisle has what it takes to turn this chapter around,” said Jordan. “We need to get more going and I think Carlisle will do that for us.”

The local NAACP branch will hold the last meeting of the year on Tuesday, Dec. 27. New officers will be sworn in during the meeting on Jan. 31.

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