Carter G. Woodson Charter School ask for public support in its fight over renewal terms

Carter G. Woodson Charter School ask for public support in its fight over renewal terms
February 14
01:30 2019

Carter G. Woodson School is asking the public to attend a meeting at the High Point Courthouse, Martin Courtroom, 4th floor, 505 E. Green Drive, on Feb. 18-22 at 10 a.m. as they bring a lawsuit against the N.C. State Board of Education and its advisory board (The Charter School Advisory Board) regarding its latest renewal terms. Their lawsuit challenges the current manner in which schools dedicated to serving all students, no matter their challenges, are assessed for renewal of their charter agreements.

Carter G. Woodson Charter School has been consistently recognized for its ability to take children at their individualized level and grow them to think critically, live purposely, and lead courageously. They were recently recognized by the State of N.C. for “Exceeding Academic Growth” for the 2017-2018 school year.

Over the last several years, the state has adopted standards that are supposed to measure what makes a school successful. However, these standards don’t adequately measure the likelihood of student success. The measurements used to determine which schools are qualified as “good schools” are arbitrary and skewed. Understanding this problem with the current system is what led the school to file this lawsuit.

Carter G. Woodson School was founded in 1997 when they opened their doors to 157 students; they now serve over 400 students.

They believe that the state government discounts the positive and necessary attributes of schools like Carter G. Woodson and focuses too narrowly on testing data. This narrow focus harms students who arrive at the schoolhouse door with unique gifts that are not taken into account. The state measurements also ignore the challenges (e.g., limited English, institutional poverty, record of academic failure at traditional schools, and/or unstable home environments) that some students face. Carter G. Woodson School addresses these unique challenges and is intentional about honoring the unique capabilities their children bring.

Carter G. Woodson students deserve an education that not only focuses on test scores, but one that also gives proper weight to academic growth and other key values such as promoting the cultural pride of all who enter their doors, encouraging students to achieve academic excellence, and fostering discipline rooted in traditional values.  

As a result of this approach, often 100 percent of their high school graduates receive acceptance letters into four-year universities or two-year technical institutions. They are proud to have students attending all the major state and private colleges in North Carolina and throughout the nation.

Carter G. Woodson has spent the past year preparing to fight for what they proudly accept as their obligation to educate and nurture the entire child from kindergarten through 12th grade. Promoting education and citizenship are vital concerns and they plan to continue to cultivate the next generation of leaders to strive to excel and not to equal.

Carter G. Woodson School invites the public to join them as they present their compelling case to uphold and secure the future of charter schools such as Carter G. Woodson School that are committed to growing and improving every student academically from year-to-year, no matter where they started.

The presence of supporters will send a message that Carter G. Woodson School provides valuable services to their students and to their community. Their legal team will be presenting first and then there will be time for comments from parents and supporters. Please arrive early to allow time to pass through the metal detector.  Cell phones are not allowed in the courthouse.

For more information call 336-723-6838 and ask for Ben Harris or Hazel Mack.

About Carter G. Woodson School

Carter G. Woodson School is a public charter school in Winston-Salem that has been serving students in grades K-12 since 1997. The school offers free tuition and bus transportation to and from many neighborhoods throughout Winston-Salem. Rooted in tradition and evolving to remain competitive for the 21st century, Carter G.  Woodson School provides an academic standard of excellence differentiating itself as an institute offering challenging opportunities for students in the areas of arts, liberal arts, culture, agriculture, and sustainable living. Carter G. Woodson School is a first choice school for those seeking a challenging, innovative and culturally relevant education where students are perpetually encouraged to: Think Critically. Live Purposefully. Lead Courageously.

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