Carver High School Diamond Club experiences international tea party

Jackie Pegram was the speaker at the tea party.

Carver High School Diamond Club experiences international tea party
May 02
08:53 2019

The 35 members of the Carver High School Diamond Club were honored and treated to an international tea party in the school media center just before Spring Break on April 15. Carol Montague-Davis, principal of Carver and co-founder of the club, invited Jackie Pegram, the keynote speaker, and her friends Kim Combs, Trish Talley, Sydney May, and Mr. Bill’s Productions crew, to address the members of the club. Pegram and her partners transformed the media center into a flower-filled veranda replete with finger sandwiches, tea, cookies, cake squares and other specialities.

Felecia Piggott-Long, co-founder and sponsor of the Diamond Club, assisted three of the girls in designing special t-shirts for the tea party. They chose to use pastel colored ribbons for each shirt. Freshmen Kemani Brim and Ashley Saunders created and attached the pastel bows for each shirt. Brin and Saunders were glad to contribute something special to their fellow club members. The girls can wear their t-shirts for other events. The other sponsors of the club include Yolanda Lawrence and Avenell Holt; the president of the club is Dy’Oza Dillworth.

Pegram, the host, shared a PowerPoint presentation of vibrant photographs from tea parties she has held in South Africa, London and other areas. “They drink more tea in South Africa than they drink in London, England,” said Pegram. “When I experienced the tea party in South Africa, they only had two tea bags to provide tea for more than 100 women at the party. Unity was the main event.”

Pegram encouraged the girls to indulge themselves by extending their pinky fingers as they drink their tea, a special recipe that came from South Africa. Pegram has been a missionary for many years and has traveled to various countries. The club members learned a great deal from the presentation.

“I was impressed with the atmosphere of the tea party. Each girl received one of the beautiful vases of fresh flowers. The tea was delicious and I drank it with my pinky finger extended,” said senior Sumaiyyah Rookard. “We ate on real china, and I loved the chicken salad sandwiches, the fruit and the cake.”

Senior Tamara Mitchell enjoyed “learning about the tea parties that they have in Africa and how unique they are. I can’t believe they went to so much trouble to entertain us. I felt so special,” she said.

Senior Amani Reeves said, “I learned how to practice etiquette at a tea party. It is important to know how to act when you are in public. I learned how to put my folded napkin in my lap and how to hold my tea cup just right.”

Freshman Heaven Harris said, “The tea party was fun and exciting. I learned how to act like a lady.”

Freshman Amaya Chrosson said, “The tea party was very nice, and the hostesses had amazing personalities.”

The Diamond Club for Service and Success is a mentoring group to encourage females to set academic goals and achieve them. The club seeks to encourage females to develop their leadership potential, to connect female students with positive role models in the community, to expose females to opportunities for problem-solving and community involvement, to instruct members about dressing for success, and to instruct them about the importance of family relationships, friendships and social etiquette.

Marviette Usher of the Phenomenal Woman organization and her partner, Ms. Robinson, presented a make-up workshop for the Diamond Club on April 10. Also, Reynita McMillan Blake, former member of the club, used swatches of colored cloth to show the girls how different colors blend with their skin tones during that same workshop. Blake is currently developing Imani Village Rites of Passage Program.

Principal Montague-Davis started the club during 2004-2008 when she first became principal at Carver to mentor and “add some shine for females who were diamonds in the rough.” Piggott-Long continued the club after 2008 and she found that all kinds of young women wanted to be exposed to the special treatment the club offers.

“I thank Dr. Montague-Davis for being so supportive of The Diamond Club over the years. This tea party was exceptional. Self-esteem is one issue that young women have to constantly improve,” said Piggott-Long. “The tea party boosted their self-concept in so many ways. In fact, it boosted mine. I felt honored and revered as a woman.”

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