Changes in court in response to pandemic will affect Hall of Justice accessibility

Changes in court in response to pandemic will affect Hall of  Justice accessibility
February 13
10:00 2021

Beginning Monday, Feb. 8,  Forsyth County District Court will be operating in a different fashion for cases that are on the docket for the first time. Individuals with cases set for the first time in District Court will be advised of their right to counsel in a new ADVISE court, which is set just inside the Main Street (2nd floor) entrance of the Hall of Justice. In an effort to limit the number of people in the building during our current health crisis, individuals will be admitted into the Hall of Justice  on a controlled basis, with only a certain number allowed in at any given time. As a result, those waiting for ADVISE court will likely be in a socially-distanced line outside of the entrance while waiting for  admittance. 

Due to current weather conditions, it is strongly urged that individuals dress warmly and avoid bringing small children, if possible, as the wait time outdoors could be relatively significant, given the number of people needing to be advised and the small number of individuals that will be allowed into the building at one time. 

Masks will be required in the Hall of Justice, as well as while waiting in line outside the building. Individuals who have retained an attorney prior to the scheduled ADVISE court date do not need to be present for ADVISE court, as attorneys can notify the District Attorney’s Office ahead of the court date of a general appearance and secure a new court date on behalf of his/her client. 

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