Check out a farmers market this week

Check out a farmers market this week
August 03
02:00 2017

The first week of August is National Farmers Market Week.  If you haven’t been to a farmers market lately, now is a good time to check one out as summer produce items are at peak harvest. 

Farmers markets are fun places to visit for the entire family.  Young children learn about shapes, colors and smells of new foods and how they are grown.  Visiting a farmers market is also a wonderful way to get children excited about eating fruits and vegetables.

As a community, we benefit from many farmers markets in Forsyth County.  Farmers markets provide a place for farmers to sell their products.  For many of our farmers, this is their main source of income. With Farmers markets, and other locally owned retailers, more money from sales stays in our community than when you shop at chain retailers.

Shopping at farmers markets also supports the land food is grown on.  Farmland is disappearing at an alarming rate in the U.S.  According to the American Farmland Trust, we are losing farmland at the rate of 40 acres every hour.  Once this farmland is gone – it is gone for good.  Fortunately for residents of Forsyth County, protecting and conserving agricultural land in our community is a policy goal of Legacy 2030, the community’s long-range planning document.  In addition, Legacy 2030 promotes and supports land use measures that support farm and agricultural development as part of our local economy. 

Farmland also gives us the rural character that makes Forsyth County such a great place to live.  In a matter of minutes, you can hike or bike out to the rural areas of the county and enjoy the rolling hills, pastures and fields of local farms.

Farmers markets also help to increase access of healthy foods to low and moderate-income families in our community.  Farmers markets that accept SNAP benefits bring fresh food to the neighborhoods that need it most.   When produce is purchased at peak season in Farmers markets, the cost is generally lower than grocery stores and families can often save money on their food bills.  The Fairgrounds Farmers Market and Cobblestone Farmers Market both accept SNAP/EBT.

Farmers markets are also a great place to build community and develop social capital.  Social capital is defined as the relationships formed among people who live and work in a community.  Part of the fun of shopping at the Farmers Market is chatting with farmers and learning more about their farm and growing methods. 

Support your local farmer by shopping at a farmers market near you. 

You can find a flier listing all Forsyth County farmers markets on the Forsyth County website (  Be sure to follow your favorite markets on social media to stay up-to-date on local foods!

Lynne M. Mitchell MS, RD, LDN is Community Nutritionist with the Forsyth County Department of Public Health ( You can reach her at 336-703-3216 (direct line) or

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