Chronicle readers: Aware. Responsible. Motivated

Chronicle readers: Aware. Responsible. Motivated
October 12
14:15 2022

By Howard Pearre

Since you are a Winston-Salem Chronicle reader, it’s safe to make a few assumptions: 

*You are aware. You are responsible. You are motivated.

*You appreciate the critical importance of the November 8 election and what it means to our country, our state, and our community.

*You are registered and have studied the candidates.

*You know what issues are important to you and, based on the candidates’ positions on those issues, already have made up your mind about some races. You see the dangers posed by candidates with extremist views, whether for seats on the school board or in the U.S. Senate.

*You have a voting plan. You may already have sent in your absentee ballot and plan to check the NORTHCAROLINA.BALLOTTRAX.NET website to make sure it’s been received and counted. If you plan to vote in person, you know the early voting sites where you can cast your ballot in person starting Friday, October 20.

Each One, Reach One.

So what else is there to do?

Plenty! Here are some suggestions:

*Adopt the tried and true “Each one, reach one” mantra.

*Get into a conversation with an elderly neighbor or a friend across town. Start by saying something like, “Do you think you’re going to need some help getting to (poll location) to vote? You know I would be happy to drive you there when I go.”

*Or, “I’m planning to vote early at (early voting site) because usually there are no lines. I’m planning to go tomorrow afternoon if you want to ride over with me.”

*Or, “If you need somebody to sign as a witness for your absentee ballot in addition to your husband, you know I’m right next door.”

*Or, “I know with you working full-time and also with the kids, it may be hard to get away. If you need somebody to watch them so you can go vote, let me know.”

*Or, “If you need to check to see if you are registered, you can google NCVOTER LOOKUP, click on LAUNCH THE VOTER SEARCH, and put in your name on the form.

*Or, if you’re not registered or have moved, you can go to a one-stop early voting site starting October 20 and register by showing a document that has your current address and vote at the same time.”

*Or, “If you need non-partisan side-by-side comparisons of the candidates, take a look at NCVOTER.ORG/VOTER-GUIDES and scroll to ‘Forsyth County.’ The guide compares responses from the candidates in their own words about their backgrounds, priorities and goals, how they would address specific issues, and personal statements. It also gives their campaign websites.”

Twist Their Ears

A few other suggestions:

*Talk to your kids about doing their patriotic duty. If it takes nagging, just do it. You twisted their ears when they were little. It may take an ear twisting or two now. Then tell them, “I know you’ll do the right thing,” and use the same lines listed above.

*If a local candidate has truly inspired you, go to their webpage and hit the volunteer button. You may find yourself sticking campaign signs in the dirt, distributing door hangers in your neighborhood, or taking a shift to greet other voters at an early voting site or election day polling place.

*A sign in your yard may gain one or two votes for a candidate you feel passionate about. Ten door hangers may yield another. Taking a shift as a poll greeter may bring in two or three.

When you cast your ballot for a candidate, you will have added one vote to that candidate’s tally. By engaging in some of the simple acts noted above, you may be responsible for adding a dozen more.

You have demonstrated you are a responsible citizen. Now is the time to reach into your networks to help others achieve the same level of civic responsibility.

Howard Pearre retired after a career as a counselor and manager with N.C. Vocational Rehabilitation and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. He has led training workshops on voter registration and is a board member with Winston-Salem Writers.

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