His comedy show ‘is like a bus ride’

His comedy show ‘is like a bus ride’
November 02
07:00 2017

Comedian Dion Fowler doesn’t use profanity or inappropriate content during his standup comedy show. I asked Fowler does clean comedy make it more difficult to connect with an all-black audience and getting big the laughs.

“I don’t think it’s tough at all. It’s about giving the people what they want.”

He laughed, and then looked at me with a very confident smile, and said, “It’s like a bus ride. I got something for the 5 year olds, got something for the teenagers, I got something for the adults, I got something for the older crowd. And you bringing all them together, hitting them with what they can relate to, you done won ya crowd.”

It was a very humble response, but I wanted the raw truth, so I took it a step further and mentioned the popularity and the millions of dollars comics who do use profanity are making, and then asked him if he considered crossing over. He paused for a few seconds. “I’ve had this conversation a while ago with a friend of mine. We thought about it. We would go hit the road, and get loose somewhere that ain’t around here, and just, just wild out.” He paused again, gave me a sneaky grin, and said, “But then there’s social media.” We both laughed hard, because I can relate. As we were laughing he continued, “When them phones get recording, the streets will be talking. ‘Oh wow, I thought he was a church boy, and doing the clean stuff, listening to his mouth now.’”

The interview was fun and very thought provoking as well. He talked about his opinion on the difference between profanity and cursing, and it’ll make you think … Hmmm. The funny man also cracked jokes about being a husband, father, and about his wife and children. During the interview, Mrs. Fowler walked in the house, and I asked if she thought her husband was funny. You’ll enjoy her response. Go to the Winstonsalem Chronicle channel to see the rest of my interview with Comedian Dion Fowler. You can see Fowler and his comedian friends this coming Saturday, Nov. 4 at 6 p.m. at New Generation Praise and Worship international ministries located at 1850 Gyro Road in Winston Salem.

He’s been doing comedy for 10 years, and has shared the stage with many comics local and household names, like J. Anthony Brown of the “Steve Harvey Morning Show,” Nick Lewis of “BET Comic View” and “Def Comedy Jam.” Mr. Fowler has performed up and down the East Coast, spreading laughter from city to city. Mr. Fowler is married to Mrs. Sheila Mitchell Fowler, they have five children and one granddaughter.

For bookings and more info, call 336-577-9432 or on Facebook go to

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