Letters to the Editor – atrocities against humanity, fighting poverty

Letters to the Editor – atrocities against humanity, fighting poverty
November 25
00:00 2015

ACGG condemns inhumanity to humanity

To the Editor:

The ongoing atrocities against humanity being committed in Paris, Nigeria and Burma cannot be justified by any measure of a civilized society. When an innocent life is taken from society, it is the same as taking the life of the whole society, and when an innocent life is saved, it is the same as saving the life of the whole society. These recent barbaric cowardly acts deserve to be condemned by humanity and declared as acts of inhumanity to civil society.

No people of faith or moral conscious can be silent about these ongoing atrocities. No scripture can be used to justify these cruel acts. No religion supports these acts of treason against humanity.

Our prayers and condolences are extended to the families in Paris, Nigeria and Burma. We sincerely hope that a collective effort from all people of faith will serve as an example to lift up one humanity with a resounding voice to condemn these acts of inhumanity in the 21st century.

Fleming El-Amin

Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator

American Coalition For Good Government

ACGG is a non-partisan, 501(c) civic education organization. The website is


Editorial about poverty panel has errors, mayor says

To the Editor:

Thank you for your recent commentary regarding our initiative to reduce the level of poverty in our community. I did want to address two misstatements in your editorial.

You compare this poverty initiative to our Ten Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness and state that it did not involve a large panel to work on it and that it was done in about a year. The Ten Year Plan was in fact created by a task force of about 25 individuals and it has taken eight years to achieve the success it has enjoyed.

The success of that process is exactly the reason I sought to create another comprehensive effort to address poverty. It is our hope that the Poverty Thought Force will create the same type of plan that was prepared for the homeless initiative that is doable and impactful.

The Thought Force is important because the initiatives undertaken by the Federal Government for the past 50 years have not worked. We need new ideas and I am confident that a workable plan will be put in place.

Thank you for letting me clarify our plan and to assure you that we are very serious in our efforts.

Mayor Allen Joines

City of Winston-Salem

Editor’s note: The Chronicle’s reference was about the mayor’s announcement about veteran homelessness, that “Less than one year after making Winston-Salem a member of the Veterans Housing Network challenge of ending veterans’ homelessness in the area, the city and county has reached their goal.” There was no mention of a Ten Year Plan or task force.

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