Commentary: With an administration spinning out of control, impeach now

Commentary: With an administration spinning out of control, impeach now
May 18
13:00 2017

Tom Hastings

Guest Columnist

Seriously. Now is the time. Impeach.

It is a daily rush of traitorous, misogynist, racist, autocratic buck-naked dissembling and craven manipulation. Trump now. Pence next. Keep it going until we get someone with a bit of integrity.

On Wednesday, May 10, the day after Trump fired the lead investigator of the increasingly obvious collusion between Vlad Putin and the Trump campaign to get this clown in the White House, Trump meets with the Russian Sergeys – Kislyak and Lavrov, ambassador to the U.S. and Foreign Minister, respectively. What media gets shut out and what media is allowed in that meeting? No, I am not making this up. The Russian media is allowed exclusive access; the U.S. media is shut out.

While I am more of a matriot than a patriot (loyal to Mother Earth more than to a country), I highly value the best of what America strives to be, and Trump is plunging us the other way, toward strongman rule, anti-environmentalism, and a deep disregard for the truth and facts.

Trump praised James Comey – FBI Director until just days ago – when Comey essentially tossed the election his way last October by going very visibly and audibly public with his incorrect but volatile findings that Hillary Clinton had used the wrong  server for her emails when she was Secretary of State (wow – who knew that was a capital offense?) but Comey remained completely silent about the known and possibly suspected connections between Trump operatives and Russian operatives until long after the election, even though the FBI was investigating both of them at that time. Obama should have fired Comey.

Trump on Oct. 31, 2016, just days before the election: “‘That was so bad what happened originally, and it took guts for Director Comey to make the move that he made in light of the kind of opposition he had where they’re trying to protect her from criminal prosecution,” Trump said at a Michigan campaign rally. In other words, he approved of Comey’s meddling in the election in both July and the infamous October Surprise.

But on Tuesday, May 9, Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer said in firing Comey, Trump had “accepted the recommendation of the attorney general and the deputy attorney general regarding the dismissal of the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” Those recommendations were all based on critiques of the Clinton email business and were the transparently fig leaf silliness we’ve come to expect from the Lyin’ King.

And sure enough, suddenly Trump says he was going to fire Comey because FBI personnel wanted him out. Huh? That is exactly backward from what the Acting Director Andrew McCabe just said, that in fact Comey had “broad support” across all sectors of the FBI.

Bill Moyers is a trusted American life commentator. The way he put it: “Whenever Trump finds it more convenient to tell a falsehood than to tell a truth, he chooses the falsehood.”

This regime needs to fall.

Tom H. Hastings is Founding Director of PeaceVoice

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