Commentary: It really is not enough to just know

Commentary: It really is not enough to just know
December 15
12:08 2021

By Olander Worthy

Number “45” is still hollering foul about the contest for President of the United States of America. An ever-mounting chorus of voices proclaim a tale of improper voting, partisan poll workers, rigged voting machines, and crescendo ending outright hijacking of the 2020 presidential election. Number “45” forecasted a democratic presidential return to the White House could only be accomplished by cheating and manipulation of the process, a process designed for patriots’ expressions on the directions this democracy should take.   

While witnessing unprecedented, unfounded claims of irregular and unconstitutional practices, the validity of the election was debated in the hallowed halls of our judicial branch of government. Behavior emanating only from a nightmare, emerged as phone calls were placed to trusted election officials and heads of state to find ways to change the results of the election.  

Only a mercurial “45” would desperately orchestrate a coup at the Capitol of The United States, riding a wave of conspiracy theories and over 50 dismissed court proceedings, aimed at invalidating the election. 

The first Black “guy” to become president came to power amid national apprehension around a perceived shift of power from the planners of this country to its former builders (laborers). Barack Obama’s bid for the highest political plateau in the free world was met with challenging political situations at home, including rising anger from the Right and growing nervousness among many of his fellow Democrats in Congress. Not to mention unemployment figures placing the jobless rate at 10.2%, the highest level since 1983.

One store owner told friends, “If Obama wins, I will not accept it.” And after the election, was found unresponsive with a note close by that read “do not resuscitate.”

“45” has systematically denounced Obama and sought to undermine his existence starting with the birther conspiracy and then repeated efforts to dismantle Obamacare, even though no viable alternative was offered.

What other destructive narratives continue to bombard our community? Tales of woe: violence, poverty, domestic unrest, homelessness, illiteracy, debt and financial chaos.

Recently, I learned of a “read aloud” conducted by a retired educator. The guest reader asked the students if they knew who Michelle Obama was. Not a single student responded. The teacher present at the time commented that Michelle was the nice dresser. The guest reader then asked, does anyone know who Barack Obama is? One male elementary student raised his hand and replied, “Wasn’t he the ‘GUY’ who tried to be nice to everybody?” Unbelievable!

I hope we would all agree that exposure (social, educational, and environmental) is paramount to an individual’s growth and development. Dreams and nightmares have profound effects on us as well. Vision plus energy yields success. 

Knowledge is a catalyst for doing and in an effort to mitigate the destructive narratives, it’s important to acknowledge our past, appreciate our struggles, and honor our accomplishments. An initiative to support this effort is the availability of two iconic, must-read children’s books. It is the hope that these books will become classics for generations. 


“I Am Michelle Obama: The First Lady”

“I Can be Anything I Want to Be, A Journey to The White House”

These classics can be ordered on the web at: or email

Olander Worthy is  an alum of WSSU,  Elementary /Middle School Teacher, lifetime entrepreneur and currently Assistant Pro at Arthur Carrington Tennis Academy.  

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