Commentary: A mother’s joyful moment

Mason Gore graduates from Winston-Salem Christian High School as his mother looks on.

Commentary: A mother’s joyful moment
January 25
01:00 2018

By Jourdan Gore as told to Cheryl D. Scales

On Sunday, Jan. 14, graduation for Mason Gore from Winston-Salem Christian High School took place at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital at 1:30 p.m. His mother, Mrs. L’ Anita Gore, has been sick about 14 years and his mother’s biggest milestone was to see him graduate from high school.

His mother witnessed his graduation from a hospital room and was so fill-up that she was able to see it happen, but wasn’t able to respond.

The principal had the graduation with the graduation music playing and handed Mason Gore his diploma book to him. She had a tear running down on her cheek, and it showed everybody that she was aware of what was going on.  Mason had his cap and gown on and presented his mother a red rose. A 200 people in the hospital witnessed the event.

It provided everybody with encouragement and helped our family, truly surrounded in the community in an abundant way.

The family planned a small reception with balloons, food and a sheet cake for 30 people and was very surprised that the waiting room was overflowed with more than 30 people.

Mrs. L’ Anita Gore’s daughter, Jourdan Gore, wrote the following:

What does it look like to be loved abundantly? Well let me tell you …

Abundant love is your brother’s high school principal making your wild and short notice dreams come true.

Abundant love is 200 people showing up to ICU waiting room to watch your brothers’ graduation trial run, because we all believe mom will be there in May …

Abundant love is the 5,000 people who have watched the video [on Facebook] and offered love support and prayers.

Abundant love is the nearly 150 visitors that mom has had in the last two days, each of them actively praying for healing over her body.

Abundant love is FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD, making sure that we are well fed and never in need at the hospital.

Abundant love is the incredibly sweet pulse checks from friends … who make sure that you haven’t lost it jussssst yet.

Abundant love is friends who pack up their 2 year old and drive two hours so you don’t have to go through difficult times alone.

Abundant love is friends who book flights in a matter of hours to be sure that they can be there when you need them.

Abundant love is friends that cry with you and hold you even while they carry their own burdens.

Abundant love is a friend singing to my sleeping mother because they know that mom loves to hear her voice.

Abundant love is rolling 30 deep in the ICU and sitting there all day just to show you they care.

Abundant love is family driving from near and far to love us when we need it the most.

Abundant love is parents of friends showing up at the hospital to show their love and support.

Abundant love is your elementary and middle school teachers coming to cover your mom in prayer and restore your faith.

Abundant love is receiving phone calls and text messages from friends of friends of friends who have told you that they are standing with you believing in miracles.

While we continue to wait on a miracle, we will choose to rejoice. Every day is a reflection of God’s ability to sustain us, and Lord we are so incredibly thankful that You have surrounded our family with abundant love.

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