Commentary: No time for foolishness, indeed

Commentary: No time for foolishness, indeed
October 22
00:00 2015

On Saturday, Oct.10, the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II delivered his annual state of the N.C. NAACP address during the 72nd NAACP State Convention. This year’s convention was held in Winston-Salem, which has hosted a number of state-sponsored events this year.

Barber’s speech was titled “This is No Time For Foolishness” and focused on the NAACP fight against lawmakers in North Carolina who continue to pass laws that oppress minority voters and a country that turns a blind eye to the issues that plague the African-American community, such as police violence and racial profiling.

Barber also made strong statements that seemed to be directed at the Winston-Salem NAACP branch. During his hourlong speech, Barber said he should never have to send a state official to look over a local branch.

“I should never have to send a state official to referee any local branch,” said Barber. “We don’t have time to fight among ourselves, not when they are suppressing our voting rights, not when North Carolina is the new Selma.”

Although I will admit I do not follow what is going on with other branches of the NAACP, I do know that after hearing Barber’s statements, only one branch came to mind.

Earlier this year, state officials had to be called in to oversee the executive board elections after a number of reported violations regarding the Winston-Salem branch.

Where the annual convention was held would also lead one to believe that Barber was directing his statements at the Winston-Salem branch.

During his hourlong speech, Barber also said he wanted to see local branches become more involved in the community.

Local branch President Isaac “Ike” Howard and a number of other members of the local branch were in attendance during Barber’s address, and I’m sure they heard his statement loud and clear.

I’m not sure what the plan of action is for the local branch, but after hearing Barber’s speech, I hope the local branch finishes out this year strong and has a prosperous and productive 2016. But, only time will tell.

Barber said it best: “This Is No Time For Foolishness!”


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