Commentary: Trump will be remembered for mismanaging America and for upholding racism

Commentary: Trump will be remembered for mismanaging America and for upholding racism
November 18
13:03 2020

By Dr. James B. Ewers Jr.

Trump’s time in the White House is almost over. His tenure there has been chaotic and crisis filled. Like a balloon, he was just full of hot air. He may not go home, but he is going to have to leave the White House.

The election was held on Nov. 3and was one of the most contentious in United States history. Here we are weeks later, counting votes and certifying states’ electoral vote counts.

Usually, this post-election ritual would go unnoticed and taken for granted. As we know, this election was different. Why? It was because we have a political thief as commander-in-chief. He started months ago hurling accusations that if he did not win, the election was rigged. Well Mr. T, you are rigged! You are rigged to cause havoc and heartache. You are rigged to tell lies and plant seeds of doubt every day. You are the one that is rigged! 

Voter fraud, deceased people voting, and faulty mail-in ballot procedures were comments that came from many Republicans. Tucker Carlson, Fox News commentator, had to make an apology regarding a deceased person who allegedly cast a ballot in the election. James Blalock of Covington, Ga., voted on Nov. 3 according to Mr. T’s team and later Tucker Carlson. Mr. James Blalock, a former postal carrier, passed away in 2006. However, it was Mr. Blalock’s widow that cast the ballot. Newton County officials in Georgia said, “Her voter registration was signed as Mrs. James E. Blalock, Jr. and that is exactly how she voted in the Nov. 3 General Election.”

A lawsuit filed by the president’s lawyers was recently dropped in Arizona. Lawyers representing him in Pennsylvania decided to bow out of representing him. As we know, president-elect Joe Biden won both Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Last Sunday, Mr. T finally acknowledged that Joe Biden won, but said that the election was rigged. Multiple Republican and election officials said the election was not rigged. There was no evidence of voter fraud or impropriety. The election system worked overtime to ensure a safe and secure election. This system worked before and it worked this time too.

Mr. Trump is seen in the eyes of many as holding up progress. He is withholding valuable information from the Biden camp regarding national security. The General Services Administration has not yet signed off on the formal transition documents.

Former President Barack Obama recently assailed both Trump and the Republicans on the CBS program “60 Minutes” for doing so. He said he was not surprised at Trump, but the Republican Party knows better.

Mr. T is power hungry and his Republican colleagues are afraid of him. They are afraid because they do not want to lose the power in their home states. Before we forget, he received over 70 million votes.

This country, our America, is in desperate need of physical and emotional healing. We have been rendered mute by COVID-19 and psychological scarring. There are over 11 million cases in the U.S. and over 246,000 people have passed away.

The president does not care. He only cares about himself. This narrative has been in play since he took office. Yet at some point he will come to the painful conclusion that he has come to the end of his road. It is a dead end. He is finished and it will be final in the next two months.

He will be leaving the White House in January and America will breathe a sigh of relief. Sanity and ethical behavior are just around the corner.

Hold on America. It is coming.

James B. Ewers Jr. is a former tennis champion at Atkins High School and played college tennis at Johnson C. Smith University where he was all-conference for four years. He is a retired college administrator and can be reached at

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