Commentary: Trump’s shadow

Commentary: Trump’s shadow
November 21
13:56 2019

By Marshall A. Mays

Trump is like a hardened criminal. If a true criminal is exonerated for some crime because of shoddy detective work or dishonest witnesses, the criminal will most likely end up in trouble again, shortly after he or she is freed.   

All Congress needs to do is wait a little while longer. They need to give President Trump some slack. They need not jerk back on Trump’s metaphorical leash and take him in hand now. They do not have the backing of Republicans in the Senate – a two-thirds majority vote is required in the 100-member Senate to impeach. They don’t have the power to flip Republican senators because most don’t believe that President Trump has committed an impeachable offense. Republican Mac Thornberry said, speaking of Trump’s bribery charge, “I believe it was inappropriate; I do not believe it was impeachable.” 

If Trump is truly a criminal and not averse to engaging in criminal acts or using his office to bribe people in power to get what he wants, he will do it again. He will probably be caught committing impeachable offenses that will see the light of day in a manner that his accused use of quid pro quo has not. 

Trump has moved from one scandal, if not crime, to another. He jumps from the fire into the frying pan, back into the fire, and once again into the frying pan. Before Trump was the leader of the free world, he was caught speaking horribly about the way he treated women, boasting of sexually assaulting women on an Access Hollywood tape. If Trump can’t leave his past behind when that past is 14 years old, he surely can’t run from the crimes he commits here and now while in office.  

Another example of Trump’s past dogging his heels was the Stormy Daniel’s debacle. Stormy Daniels accused Trump of having sex with her before he was a presidential candidate and accused his lawyer of paying her hush money. Michael Cohen said that Trump instructed him to pay the hush money. Trump commits one crime after another. They follow him, and just like the criminal who reoffends, Trump reoffends. 

Since in office, Trump has committed his share of crimes – or at least he has been accused of crimes. There was the accusation that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians; there was the accusation that Trump pushed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to dig up dirt on Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son. Now it has come out that President Trump fired Yovanovitch, the ambassador to Ukraine, because President Trump found the ambassador to be “trouble.”  She was probably too honest to be of use to Trump.

It is my opinion that the Democrats in the House should wait a little longer. President Trump’s crimes will find him out. The crimes that he may commit in the future may just be so egregious that the Republicans in the Senate cannot water them down.

Marshall Mays is a lifelong resident of Winston-Salem and a graduate of RJ Reynolds High School.  Mays attended college in North Carolina where he majored in creative writing.

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