Commentary: Voices of Our Sisters conference will recognize women beyond the month of October

Commentary: Voices of Our Sisters conference will recognize women beyond the month of October
October 15
00:00 2015

Summer has ended and we have entered a period of fall. Our energy will be refocused, allowing us to pause and consider what we see around us. The leaves are turning to radiant colors; they will fall to the ground, bearing the nakedness of the trees. The cools days and cold nights that come with winter will allow us to pause and reflect on who we are – where we have been – and where we might go.

This is a season of transformation – change. This is an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and the source of our being.

Inspired by Kathy Findley’s book “Voices of Our Sisters,” Women of Promise Ministry is taking the opportunity to recognize women beyond the month of October. The Voices of Our Sisters conference seeks to lift ancient biblical voices from the pages and echo them into the 21st century. Contemporary sisters will creatively perform vignettes, giving voice to silent cries from over 2,000 years ago.

Anyone who has experienced heartache and suffering will be inspired by the conference as it offers voices of despair, anguish, fear, shame, resentment, emptiness, regret, bitterness, sorrow, suffering, sadness and anger. Today’s sisters will allow you to eavesdrop on ancient women lives; hear their cries of distress and listen to their mourning songs, as tears fall on the driest seasons of their lives.

These women’s stories will raise consciousness about the issues and concerns affecting women today. This is an opportunity that stems from biblical history, and it is an opportunity for women to come together to support one another and raise their consciousness. Being aware of the story is not enough. You have to be conscious of your own inner voice and your story as it relates to these biblical stories.

This is an opportunity to enter their lives and see their faith. Hopefully, you will leave the conference with your own life redefined. So plan to leave encouraged and “to get in touch with the feelings of your own faith; find words to express your deepest emotions; and allow yourself to hum, if not sing aloud, the music of hope.”

Women of Promise Ministry will present “Voices of Our Sisters” vignettes 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 14 at the Bridger Field House, 499 Deacon Blvd., Third Floor, Winston-Salem. Lunch will be provided. Registration and tickets may be obtained at the following link:


Rev. Delores McCullough is an ordained minister and executive director and founder of Women of Promise Ministry. She provides workshops and conferences to serve as a catalyst in the lives of women, focusing on their needs and empowering them to uncover dormant gifts, refine skills, find comfort and empower others. Contact her at

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