Commentary: Wag the dog

Commentary: Wag the dog
August 04
13:19 2021

By Corey Paris

Before I begin, I first would like to mention that like most people, I really like a good conspiracy. But since the world is, well, the world, we really won’t find out about a lot of things that we all may have questions about. Growing up in New York and travelling all over the place, I tend to experience and understand everything as it may come my way, but there is a bigger thought that has been bothering me for, let’s say, about TWO YEARS? 

At the end of 2019, COVID-19 was introduced to the world and has been taking lives, ruining families, and crippling the economy for this country worse than any depression that we have ever faced. It’s sad, tragic, and most interesting because from what I am seeing and hearing all across the Internet, television and even on the radio (when I decide to listen), is that everyone has been affected, the private businesses are hurting, and people just DO NOT know what to do next. I am getting extremely annoyed when I see an advertisement about getting your vaccination shot to protect you from the COVID strain pushing seniors and minorities to get this “experimental vaccine.” What is so bad, they have pulled a well-known rapper and paid him to make a rap song about getting vaccinated. I understand that we all need to make money, but I had to honestly cut off the video because I was so disgusted. 

I personally thought it was tasteless and racist. The only way you can communicate to the Black and  Latino communities is by making a rap video or making “the minorities” poster children for the vaccination that we truly know nothing about?

What happened to talking to people and being up front with them?

When it comes down to it, something stinks, and I don’t like it. But who am I to voice my opinion or constructive thought? 

On December 25, 1997 (Christmas Day), Wag the Dog came out in the movies. It is about a CIA agent (Robert DeNiro) who is assigned the task of finding a movie director to “make a fake war.” What is interesting about this, 22 years and six days later, the COVID-19 strain was announced by the White House officials and the Center for Disease Control.The country was thrown into a chaotic frenzy, Americans and eventually other countries fell to the panic of getting sick and dying. Families, friends, businesses, and the world we once knew just went BAT-#$@! crazy. Health officials all over the country – even around the world – sat in their private offices and their lavish homes telling the world to “get vaccinated” before it’s too late. 

With people being people, we have the tendency to believe anyone with letters behind their names and assume that the professionals we put our trust in aren’t challenged with questions about our well-being and what is being pumped into our bodies. A doctor will say that the drugs he/she would prescribe are to help you (with a list full of side effects; we should believe them, right?) 

Well, I honestly don’t know anymore. I remember there was a time when doctors and people who worked in the medical profession once cared about the integrity of their careers. Now in the new age world we live in, it’s all about the medical insurance, who can be helped – or I should say, who can pay and who cannot.

I do not believe in coincidence, so can someone please tell me what is going on?

In the past, we have had THE FLU, and then that just got wiped off the lists of things that can kill you. We cannot forget about every other sickness that has climbed up the infectious ladderL:MAD COW, H1N1, SWINE FLU, and COVID-19 in the lead. But wait, from reading about the new reports on the latest threats: HAVANA STRAND and A MONKEY POX? But wait, the NEW DEADLY STRAND we have to worry about is now called the DELTASTRAND? I’m no big brain when it comes to science, well very intrigued since I was younger. 

Can someone please explain to me how the health officials are telling us to get vaccinated for a new virus that has “mutated” into another virus? The people are torn between getting the vaccine and not getting it. As far as I can tell, people rather take the risk of not getting the vaccine instead of playing a game of Russian Roulette-and this is for the COVID-19 virus. The Delta strain is supposed to be FAR DEADLIER than the COVID-19 strain and it is best for everyone to get vaccinated. 

Let us talk about the sneezing and coughing elephant in the room:

*When COVID-19 vaccine was issued, the FDA did not do their normal trials and testing; it was manufactured and shipped out. Everyone knows the FDA will not ship anything out unless it has been tested and the trials can take up to TWO YEARS. 

*People are not required to wear masks after getting the vaccination, but vaccinated people are still getting sick and possibly dying.

*The new variants of viruses that are emerging, how can any doctor or scientist know how to access the problem with these “new cases” that are popping up all over the world? But it is very crucial that we get VACCINATED.

*Will the pre COVID-19 phase be reinstated, with people staying home from work, mandatory wearing of masks and working from home? 

*Why is it when you talk to a healthcare professional, they ask if you want to get tested or vaccinated, but when you ask them the hard questions, no one has an answer? 

*What are the REASONS for children from the age of 12 and under not getting vaccinated? But anyone older can get the vaccine. When babies are born, they are homebound until their first doctor’s visit, they get all kinds of needles pumping vaccines into their little bodies; and then when it’s time for children to attend school or interact with other children, they get the measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, and all the other needles that come with going to school. BUT THE VACCINES ARE NOT FOR THE CHILDREN? Of course, why use children as test dummies when you can use the people that will die eventually?

*When asked how these variants of the virus spread and are transmitted, it is mentioned that it is through the particles that we release when we sneeze or cough, leaving the “germs” on surfaces and/or getting people sick. So that means that EVERYONE should have some kind of face covering including babies, since there probably isn’t a vaccine for children under 12 – bear in mind, children are little people too. Mind you, the world acts like washing your hands is a “new thing?”

Now back to my original question: when is this pandemic going to cease? We have a new president and he and his officials are doing their best to right the wrongs of what was. A few variants have surfaced and it doesn’t seem like anything is getting better, but I have faith. What I do know is that the COMMON COLD is now a thing of the distant past and now we have something to really think about. What is REALLY going on?

Corey Paris is a Winston-Salem resident, who wanted to voice his concerns and questions regarding COVID-19 and the push for vaccinations.

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