Democrats prepare voters for Election Day

Forsyth Country Democratic Party volunteer Christina Collins and Third Vice Isaiah Fletcher go door-to-door.

Democrats prepare voters for Election Day
July 21
04:30 2016

With more than half the year behind us, and the general election only three months away, the Forsyth County Democratic Party (FCDP) took to the streets last week to make sure citizens are registered and ready to cast their ballots on November 8.

During the door-to-door campaign that will continue throughout the month, members of the organization walked through several neighborhoods providing residents with information on the upcoming election, registering voters, and updating information for those already registered.

The campaign is also a tool to inform voters of the many changes they may encounter when they go to their precincts on election day. While state officials are still awaiting a Superior Court judge to decide on the state’s new voter identification requirement, other changes in law are already set in stone, such as the end of straight ballot tickets.

“The goal of this campaign is to ensure citizens have this vital piece of information,” said FCDP president Eric Ellison.

In the past, voters who wanted to cast a straight ballot ticket in favor of either party could do so by selecting a designated box on the ballot. That is no longer an option. According to Ellison, a selection must be made for each individual race in order to count.

“With the changes in law, we must make sure that everyone in the community is aware so they won’t be surprised on election day,” he said. “That’s our main priority.”
Same-day registration and out-of-precinct voting has been the subject of ongoing litigation as well.

Before ringing door bells and knocking on doors last Wednesday evening, FCDP third vice president and president of the Young Democrats of Forsyth County Isaiah Fletcher said the campaign targeted 10 precincts in the area that has had low voter turnout during past elections.

Fletcher noted the campaign is designed to target Democrats who are registered but not active, as well as those in the community who are unregistered.

“We are hitting houses that have people unregistered there, and strong Democrats,” he said. “Our main target is Democrats, but we also know who is unregistered as well. We have registration forms they can fill out on the spot.”
Volunteer Christina Collins said she believes that the door-to-door campaign will make a difference in an election that has been unpredictable so far.

“I think providing residents with this information will have a huge impact,” she said. “A lot of voters are unable to get out of their homes and don’t know about all these changes, so by going door-to-door we are providing them with that information.”

The FCDP is currently looking for volunteers to help with their door-to-door campaign. For more information or to volunteer, visit the headquarters located at 1128 Burke St. The office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

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