Democrats speak out against Trump-Pence

Democrats speak out against Trump-Pence
September 01
08:40 2016



On Tuesday morning just hours before Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence was scheduled to speak at the Millennium Center, City Council Members Dan Besse and D.D. Adams held a press conference to discuss why the Donald Trump-Pence ticket is the wrong choice for North Carolina.

During the press conference held inside the Forsyth County Democratic Party Headquarters located on Burke Street, the representatives for the southwest and north wards discussed why Hillary Clinton’s plan for America is stronger than Trump’s.

As he stood in front a bright blue wall covered with signs that read “Hillary,” Besse said Trump’s path to the  nomination was paved by attacks on Muslims and Latinos.

He mentioned Trump’s rise to political notoriety was fueled by spurious claims that our first African-American president was not born in America.

Besse also noted Pence, who currently serves as the Governor of Indiana, shares Trump’s tendency to go back and forth with his public announcements.

Last December before he was selected as Trump’s running mate, Pence said it was offensive for Trump to discuss excluding Muslims from our shores, but now he constantly brags about his attempt to block Syrian refugees from coming into his state.

“These are background checked families who are trying to flee war and terror,” he continued. “Governor Pence’s efforts to stop them at his state line is an offensive effort that a federal court has already blocked as an unconstitutional act of discrimination.”

Besse also discussed the Trump-Pence economic platform He mentioned, “During their visit to Winston-Salem in July, trade and offshoring jobs was the central theme, but we all know where Donald Trump has his own brand-named goods manufactured and it’s not in America.”

But he didn’t stop there. Besse noted since being named governor, Pence has given incentive payments to companies who have closed plants in Indiana to move their operations over-seas.

“That’s not the way to make America a better place,” he said. “Hillary has a plan to build infrastructure in our nation.”

According to Besse, Clinton’s 100-Day Job Plan would help the North Carolina economy create over 300,000 new jobs, while Trump’s plan would cost the state 100,000 jobs, plus a deep recession.

While sporting an “H” pendant in support of the Clinton campaign, Adams also discussed Clinton’s economic plan. She said, ”Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are working to build an economy that works for everyone and not just those at the top.

“Hillary has an economic plan that puts working families first by breaking down barriers for people from all walks of life,” she continued, “by making crucial investments in infrastructure, manufacturing, research technology, clean energy and small businesses.”

Next, Adams discussed Clinton’s track record for putting children first. She noted, as First Lady she helped pass the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP), which provides health care for eight million children across the country.

“As President, she will fight to expand health care options for rural North Carolinians by protecting the Affordable Care Act, doubling funds for primary care services, and supporting innovation in medicine,” Adams said.

While discussing the Trump campaign, Adams said the people of North Carolina deserve better than Donald Trump. She said he has made his campaign about tearing down people, and tearing them apart.

“Along the way, all of his proposals show that he has no idea of how to do this job,” she said. “We need the next president to bring us together and put families first. We can’t afford a loose cannon in the White House who will divide people and also hurt our economy as well as our national security.”

When asked about Trump’s recent statements that minority voters don’t have anything to lose and should vote for him, Adams said, “We have everything to lose.

“African-Americans and people of color are still struggling and coming into our own. So we have to realize that with every presidential election and every off-year election, there is an opportunity to improve our quality of life,” Adams noted.

“Everything we do in this country is political. When we don’t vote, what we see is what we have

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