Doctor meshes faith and health

Doctor meshes  faith and health
April 30
00:00 2013

Dr. Kara Davis is unique in the field of medicine.  Most physicians lean on their medical books and training when evaluating their patients. Davis does too, but she also takes it a step further and weighs in on a client’s emotional and spiritual health when painting their overall health picture. She examines both sides of this concept in her new book, “Spiritual Secrets To a Healthy Heart.”

The University of Illinois trained doctor who practices at the Christian Community Health Center in Chicago was first motivated to pursue a career in medicine by a relative she never met: her paternal grandfather, Dr. Walter Thomas, who was an OB/GYN who practiced during the Great Depression.

Davis sees no conflict between her Christian faith and the science of medicine. Furthermore, she feels more Christians should take note of their health.

“My new book is relevant to the Christian community because heart disease, while largely preventable, is the number one cause of death in America, and is just as common in Christians as in unbelievers,” she asserts.

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