Don’t call it a comeback; Carver High is in Carol Montague-Davis’ DNA

October 19
05:00 2017

By Busta Brown

The Chronicle

This past July, Beverly Emory, superintendent of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, announced that Carol Montague-Davis will be the new principal at Carver High School.

The twist is that Davis became the principal at Carver back in 2004, and now that she’s back, people are talking. I sat down with Davis to ask what she’s hearing about her return and get an update on how things are going,

“When I first came back, it was a lot of commotion. A lot of people said”she got demoted from assistant superintendent back to principal, but I love it. I always tell my friends that one of the best jobs I ever had was being a high school principal, so it was the best place to come when I found out the position was open; the place where I started and love.”

Davis looked at me with a smile filled with pride. “Being a part of Carver Nation is in my DNA; you just can’t leave it. It’s in the blood.”

When she left in 2008, Davis said Carver had 1,200 students, and now it’s gone down about 500 students, but the school has made some great strides forward.

“I wanted to come back, because I got tired of hearing the negative publicity and comments about Carver Nation that I knew is not that way. I wanted to come back and join the team that is here, and already moving in the right direction.” During our interview, faculty and students would stop by just to say hello, or give their beloved principal a hug. They had nothing but love for Davis, and it was clear she loved them as well.

I spoke with Pedro Cortez, a student at Carver. “The morale with our teachers is a lot better and the students love the events she does. She’s been good for the students’ morale as well.”

Kimond Tilleson said, “She works very good with the teachers, and the structure is better than the previous years.” Malaysia Vaughn added, “The students get along more because they respect the discipline that comes with Davis’ presence, and the teachers have a stronger bond.”

During my interview, which is on the Winstonsalem Chronicle YouTube channel, I asked Davis why parents should send their children back to Carver. Her response is powerful and very thought-provoking. I also asked about the growth with Hispanic students, and what new programs Carver will offer students to help take their education to the next level. You will be very pleased with her response.

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