Dr. McRae is keeping hope alive

May 03
05:00 2018


By Busta Brown

HOPE is the acronym for Healing Our People and Environment.

“When we heal the people, we heal the environment,” said Dr. Linda McRae. McRae is the president & CEO of HOPE Counseling & Consulting Services Inc. They provide services for people with mental disorders like depression and anger, substance abuse disorders and people who gamble.

“They gamble away their rent, mortgage, and car payment. That’s an addiction. We provide their assessments and their treatments. We have a lot of couples that come to us, so we do couples therapy, and we work with domestic violence victims as well.”

I told Dr. McRae that one of the many things I love about HOPE is that the organization refers the clients back to their primary physician, if necessary. I truly admired her response. “What does it matter if I’m getting a check and the person’s needs aren’t met. Then the environment is not healed. I want to be certain that our clients get the individualized care they need, so we reach out to other places that will be beneficial to them as well.”

I asked if there is an issue that HOPE will not work with. “Not one. We work with people from all walks of life.”

The HOPE CEO said she is a provider of hope. “That is my life’s mission, drive and passion. I am determined to make available resources that really speak to the core needs that people have. I’m just a small town from the backwoods of Georgia. I’ve been in Winston-Salem since 1987, so this is my home. This community is very special to me, so I want to make sure the people are whole, happy and healthy.”

Dr. Linda Perkins McRae, is a native of Statesboro, Georgia. She’s an author, teacher, spiritual leader, life coach, professional counselor, motivational speaker and cancer survivor. Dr. McRae’s drive and passion for life is evident in her personal and professional pursuits. Dr. Linda completed a Master’s of Divinity degree from Wake Forest University Divinity School in 2003. She completed a Master’s of Social Work at North Carolina A&T State University and UNC-Greensboro in 2007.  She completed a Doctor of Psychology degree at Graduate Theological Foundation in 2016.

She is a licensed clinical social worker, licensed clinical addiction specialist, master’s addiction counselor and a certified clinical supervisor.

“I seek to produce cognitive and behavioral reorientation in clients who are at risk of varied social and psychological ills,” she said.

I asked Dr. McRae what role does her experience as a minister play in what she does. “I am unequivocally a Christian, so at the core of my being it is that. So I want to help my clients reconnect and engage if necessary. So it plays a vital role, it has everything to do with having hope. But of course a person doesn’t have to be of any religious faith to come to HOPE. But I am who I am, so all that I do represents my faith in God and as a minister.” HOPE takes referrals, so for info you or someone you know needs help, call the office at (336) 631-1948 or cell phone at (336) 624-2347 or email

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