E. Winston McDonald’s turns techy

Earlier this week, the McDonald's at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Cleveland Avenue reopened with a brand new look and method for ordering food.

E. Winston McDonald’s turns techy
December 20
13:19 2018

Changes will create 15 new jobs at store on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Earlier this week, the McDonald’s at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Cleveland Avenue reopened with a brand new look and method for ordering food, both designed to give customers a glimpse at the future of fast food. 

For the past two to three weeks, contractors have been working on the restaurant located in the heart of East Winston, replacing and renovating lighting, digital menus, counter space, furniture and much more. The renovations are part of McDonald’s “Experience of the Future” (EOTF) initiative to modernize nearly 1,000 locations across the country before 2020. 

When discussing the decision to modernize, store owner Ron Bailey said this aligned perfectly with the development downtown and coming development along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. He mentioned growth means more opportunities for employees.

“… With more options come more opportunities to build business resulting in more growth and opportunity for our employees,” he said. “This project’s timeline happened to align perfectly with the timing of general development in this area.”

Along with new paint, furniture and menus, the “modernized” McDonald’s also includes ordering kiosks which enables customers to place their orders on a large touch screen computer. The upgraded McDonald’s will also use bluetooth technology that will allow employees to deliver orders to customers’ tables. 

“We’re modernizing the restaurant to be more relevant for our customers and provide them a new and improved and enhanced service experience,” said Zak Hayes, McDonald’s EOTF lead. 

“It’s changing how they order, what they order, how they pay, and how they’re served.” 

Hayes said over the years the counter has become a barrier between the employees and customers and the changes are designed to break down that barrier. 

“… I think the changes not only redefine convenience, but it sets a whole new level of hospitality for our brand.” 

According to local McDonald’s Director of Operations, KT Tompkins, about half of the 22 restaurants in the area have already been renovated. She said now was best time for the renovations at the East Winston restaurant because numbers show a slight decline during the holiday season and picking back up in the new year. 

Tompkins said the upgrades make the dining experience more personable and customized. She noted that the biggest misconception is that the kiosks are going to take jobs away when in fact, it’s creating more. 

“We’re adding people to do table serving out here in the lobby. We’re actually going to need more people with the kiosks,” said Tompkins. “It’s not taking jobs.”

Sherrie Alcon, local McDonald’s operations manager, said with the upgrades, the East Winston location alone will need at least 15 more employees.

“In the old-fashioned way at McDonald’s, everybody was behind the counter. Our goal is to have people out here attending to you if you need more ketchup or you need a refill,” Alcon said. 

Cynthia Moody, who has served as the store manager for nearly two decades, said she is confident that the upgrades will be welcoming to her customers, even the regulars who stop in every day and meet up to discuss politics, sports, or whatever else comes to mind. 

For more information about the open positions at the McDonald’s located on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Cleveland Avenue, text “APPLY 04934” to 36453.

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