Editorial: Letters to the Editor

Editorial: Letters to the Editor
October 17
00:00 2014

Fansler for School Board

To the Editor:

Other than parents, the most important individual in a child’s life and development is an experienced, dedicated, and gifted teacher.  Sadly, we have lawmakers in NC who currently lack respect and appreciation for public school educators.  A sensible counterbalance for this negative attitude would be to elect a caring, seasoned teacher to our School Board.  Katherine Fansler would be this person.

What makes Katherine Fansler’s twelve years in the classroom outstanding is the fact that she continues to find meaning and excitement in teaching.  Being a member of the WS/FC School Board will provide her the opportunity to contribute her leadership, perspective, and voice on behalf of students, parents and fellow teachers in an effort to achieve quality, equitable public education for all students.  Forsyth County would be fortunate having her serve in such a capacity.

Intelligent, enthusiastic, creative, and hardworking best describe Katherine Fansler.  Her expertise is needed.  Vote Katherine Fansler for School Board.

Anne Griffis Wilson

To the Editor:

As folks who make it their job to know the local community, the Chronicle endorses candidates. It once was a useful service that allowed citizens to take your thoughts along with others to make careful choices. Nowadays, in most general elections, we needn’t really bother. In some districts the Republican is a shoe-in, in others the Democrat. Either way the election is more a coronation than a contest.
But occasionally there is a real race. On Forsyth County ballots there is a contestable race waged between middle of the road people as well as inhabitants of the fringes. That is the at-large school district race. There are 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats running for 3 seats. And the County as a whole is near enough balanced that none are shoe-ins. It is a race that won’t be decided until the votes are counted. How quaint!

Kathie Fansler is my favorite for one of these rare seats. She has taught many years in local public and charter schools. She knows firsthand the issues facing students, from students landing college scholarships to the poorest and those with special needs. She has a technical and analytical background that will help her hack through the jungle that is the district budget and policy. She is an advocate for transparency – for disclosures that make it possible for all to understand the Board’s choices. She brings a quick wit, a ready smile and abundant energy. She understands that governing is about negotiation. Please join me (in) putting a teacher on the Board.

Steve Scroggin

Support bonds!

To the Editor:

On November 4th the citizens of Winston-Salem have the opportunity to vote on five bond issues:  transportation; public safety; economic development; housing development; and recreation.  The City has not had a bond referendum since 2000 and many capital needs have been placed “on hold” during this time of economic turmoil.  There are numerous projects/improvements that have been identified in the five bond issues.  It is my hope that all Winston-Salem residents will take time to become informed about these needs.

I am a supporter of the total bond package and, as a former City Recreation and Parks Department employee, I am most aware of the tremendous needs in the recreation area.  However, while attending the citizens’ meetings on the five bond issues, I was able to obtain information and listen to City staff and elected councilmen on all the project proposals – not just recreation.  It is my belief that we, as citizens, should vote “YES” and support all of Winston-Salem’s capital needs in this bond package.
Remember to vote November 4th for the bonds and for the candidates of your choice.

Nick Jamison


To the Editor:

Please join me in voting for Ted Kazakos for District Court Judge in November. As a criminal defense attorney I have worked with Ted since he began prosecuting cases. During his time as an assistant district attorney, Ted has proven himself to be a talented, dedicated, and extremely hard working lawyer. I have handled dozens of serious cases with Ted, and I have always appreciated and admired his professionalism, his thoughtfulness and his compassion. Above all, Ted is an honorable person, and I am proud to call him my friend. I know Ted will bring his exemplary personal and professional virtues to the bench as our next district court judge. The citizens of Forsyth County will gain an excellent new judge when Ted Kazakos is elected on November 4th.

Christopher A. Beechler

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