Editorial: Letters to the Editor

Editorial: Letters to the Editor
January 16
00:00 2014

Thank You, Chronicle

To the Editor:
As we reflect back on 2013 and resolve to do better in 2014, it’s important to be thankful.
I am thankful for The Chronicle. Your coverage of the news from our community is always informative, sometimes inspiring and consistently reflective of the community values that distinguishes the African American community.
The pluralistic society that we live in demands that each ethnic community record its accomplishments and self critique its direction for future generations to benefit from. The Chronicle has been that voice in our community for decades, and I hope that in 2014 more citizens will committ to supporting this needed institution in our community. Thank you, Chronicle.

Fleming El-Amin

My first term
in Raleigh

To the Editor:
As 2013 ends with my first term as a state lawmaker much that I witnessed gives cause for reflection. No need to repeat the events and consequences of local, state and national elections. Most of you who follow politics already know these facts and have formed your opinion about them. So please bear with me as I reflect and then propose a way forward.
The super majority elected by gerrymandering in NC legislative districts seized power in Raleigh and they began the great dismantling of progress made in NC after many years of struggle for justice and equality for all. Among these acts of mean-spiritedness and revenge that I view most serious are:
• Tampering with voting rights of all citizens
• Stripping long term unemployed workers’ of privileges to claim unemployment benefits
• Tilting the tax code to favor the privileged at the expense of the middle class
• Demonstrating on all levels a distain for social justice and equality by repealing the assurance for Racial Justice in capital criminal offenses
• Robbing public education of its precious few resources
• No respect for women’s rights

While these listed are just a few of the changes (labeled improvements) I witnessed during a fast and furious process, my gender, race and status as a person were so obviously ignored in this environment that from time to time I questioned my own very presence there. But for the strong family and community background that I come from along with the privilege of fine educational preparation, membership in the NC General Assembly would be next to intolerable.
Now, you may say ‘why do I seek to remain there?’ The time is right for each of us to step up and reconsider the importance of involvement and engagement in the political process. No time for slipping and sliding and giving in or giving up. This battle is just beginning –the fight is on. I say let’s get ready to go into it suited up to fight to the bitter end. The struggle continues.
In 2014 we who love justice and believe in mercy must:
• Commit to registering new voters and ensure that every voter has proper identification and plenty of options for getting to the voting booth on election day
• Encourage activism among the unemployed, uninformed, and indifferent
• Educate yourself, analyze and question authority when you are not clear about what is being said as truth
• Become an advocate for what you believe in
• Learn all you can about the importance of public policy & politics

This train wreck has already arrived and we were not on board. Next time it comes we all had better be ready to board. Too much is at stake for our future to ignore these conditions. Get active.

State Rep. Evelyn Terry

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