Editorial: Menace to Society

Editorial: Menace to Society
September 19
00:00 2013

Why the heck does it seem that some are more outraged that George Zimmerman is an alleged wife beater than a certifiable cold-bloodied murder? Even the skinheads at Fox News seemed to be singing a different tune about Zimmerman last week after his estranged wife called the cops to report that a gun-toting Zimmerman had arrived at her father’s Florida home uninvited.

According to Mrs. Zimmerman, George physically assaulted her father and smashed her iPad after she used it to record his violent actions.
When Zimmerman killed teenager Trayvon Martin more than a year ago, many Americans bent over backward to defend Zimmerman’s actions, even though it was obvious that Zimmerman fashioned himself as a sort of matinee vigilante. Now, some of those same doubters see the white (we mean the light, excuse us). The account of Mrs. Zimmerman – who is 100 percent white, not just 50 percent white like her husband – of the real George Zimmerman seems to have swayed more opinions than millions of black voices of indignation.

When we called him an unstable sociopath, we were called-out for being overly emotional and irrational; Shelly Zimmerman and Lake Mary (Fla.) Police Chief Steve Bracknell raise similar concern and it’s accepted as the Gospel.
Go figure?

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