Editorial: Send us your stories about living your Black History

Editorial: Send us your stories about living your Black History
January 28
00:00 2016

Last year, the city of Winston-Salem held ceremonies as officials placed historic markers in several neighborhoods, including two historically black ones. Easton now has a historic marker and so does Reynoldstown. After The Chronicle reported on the Reynoldstown ceremony, a 101-year-old woman wrote to the newspaper to give a taste of how she saw living in that neighborhood years ago.

Adeline Richardson Hodge wrote: “I enjoyed the article about Reynoldstown. I saw, in the news, the unveiling of the historical marker for Reynoldstown.

“My father worked at R.J. Reynolds in the chewing tobacco department.  He applied for a house as soon as they were finished and we became one of the first black families to move into Reynoldstown.

“Our address was 901 Baltimore Street. That was the one street for blacks. The sidewalk was paved and the street was covered with cinderblocks. A board fence separated the street for blacks from other streets.”

She wrote some more words about her life in Reynoldstown and mentioned that she was 101 years old.

You can read her full account here:

We want more people to tell us stories about living in historically black neighborhoods in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, now or in the past, for Black History Month. We are gathering stories now for a special section that will be published next month.

Here are instructions on how to send the information:

*Put your name, address, phone number, email address & neighborhood on your story.

*Send your brief story to us in 500 words or less.

*Type your story or write it legibly in a document that is not jpeg format,

*You label your story: BLACK HISTORY MONTH STORY

*If you send or drop by any photos, please label them completely and provide captions for them so that we can properly handle them.

Please send your story to one of the following: or 617 North Liberty Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

The deadline is Friday, Feb. 5.

We will choose the best stories for the special section. We look forward to reading about your Black History!

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