Expert talks about banking on yourself

Photos by Tevin Stinson- Nearly 100 people gathered at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel last Thursday, June 15 for the “We’ve Got Roots” Luncheon hosted by Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods.

Expert talks about banking on yourself
June 22
01:00 2017

Nearly 100 community leaders, and other supporters of Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods (NBN) gathered at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel last week for the “We’ve Got Roots” Luncheon.

The luncheon honors people in the community.

NBN works to ensure local communities have the resources they need to be successful. Currently, NBN offers and facilitates a wide range of programs designed to provide opportunities for residents, associations, and organizations in the area.

NBN Board Chairman Alvin Atkinson said since the day the nonprofit began working in the city in 1991, the goal of NBN has remained the same, working together to build stronger neighborhoods and communities.

During the annual celebration held on Thursday, June 15, Atkinson also highlighted several programs NBN offers, including Neighbors in Action, Parent Education Action Network, Resident Organizer Program, The Organizer’s Circle and Time Banks.

Before the honorees took center stage, Dr. Edgar Cahn, the president and founder of Time Banks USA, discussed the use of “Time Dollars” and how they can be used to build stronger communities.

“Time Dollars can mobilize a non-market economy. Money defines value by price so if it’s scarce, then it’s valuable, but if it’s more abundant, it’s cheaper. I started to realize that being a human was worthless in that monetary system because we’re not scarce,” said Cahn. “I decided that the function of money was putting supply and demand together.”

Cahn mentioned the program works by facilitating the exchange of skills, talents and experiences within a community, with the goal to build the core economy of family, and community by valuing and rewarding the work done in it.

Cahn began the Time Dollars/Time Bank Project in the late 1980s. Today the service credit program has more than 70 communities in the United States, Great Britain and Japan.

NBN Board Chairman Alvin Atkinson encouraged community leaders and business owners to consider Time Banks.

“Let’s take this new way of currency and value that all of us have, skills and talents,” said Atkinson. “It’s time we share what we have to build a stronger community.”  He said before the event that his organization is using Time Banks.

Community leaders and organizations recognized for their work in the community during the luncheon were: Johnathan Halsey, Robert T. Grier, Karl F. Yena, Jasmine Stover, and The Dream Team, which seeks to provide boys positive and motivating role models.

In her closing remarks NBN Executive Director Paula McCoy said to build vibrant communities, we must continue to recognize those who are doing the grassroots work to make Winston-Salem a better place for everyone.

For more information on Time Banks or the other programs offered by Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods, visit

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