‘Family medicine is my ministry’

October 25
05:00 2018


“When I was 5 years old, I wanted a doctor’s set for Christmas, the ones that came in the tin can boxes. I think they must have run out, so my parents thought a good substitute would be an EMT box, but I was livid,” said Dr. Mishi Jackson.

She continued, “EMT is a very good profession, but I wanted a doctor’s kit.” She laughs out loud, pauses for a few seconds, catches her breath, and then gives the cutest little smile. “So I was very specific about my disappointment, but I still didn’t get the kit.”

Dr. Mishi Jackson is a family doctor with Novant Health in Kernersville. “I love community service and I love helping people, so this was the natural course for me,” she said.

She opened her practice Sept. 27, 2017, but had to make some changes and had a re-grand opening this past Saturday, Oct. 20. It was a great turn out. There were bounce houses for the kids, health screenings, free food, and a chance to meet Dr. Jackson and her awesome staff. The community came out in the rain and wasn’t disappointed. She greeted everyone with a big hug, answered lots of great health questions, and gave us some great health tips as well.

I asked Dr. Jackson why she had a re-grand opening. “We had some challenges that we had to overcome. With the team we have now, we’re ready to move forward. We are also looking forward to doing great things in the community as well. We’re exactly where we need to be,” she said.

The office is top of the line. Her staff is well informed and clearly enjoys working for the Jackson State University graduate. She received her medical degree from the University of Mississippi, her home state. Of course we sang the spelling of Mississippi: “You have to say crooked letter crooked I.”

During her teenage years, she had other aspirations. “I went through my artsy phase. I was on the drill team and dance team, so I saw myself as some sort of artist. I realized it wasn’t reality when I didn’t make the J Sets, so I was smart enough to stay in chemistry and biology. At the time it was a push for females to go into getting their Ph.D., but during my research as a chemistry major, I noticed research didn’t involve people. I didn’t see an avenue at the time to help people and I knew I wanted to help people. So I came to the realization that I wasn’t going to be a Ph.D., I was going to be a medical doctor, because that was my ministry, my calling.”

Go to The Chronicle’s YouTube channel to see more of my interview with Dr. Mishi Jackson, where she shares important information about when children age out of pediatric care, how often adults need to visit the doctor, the new time frame for women to get their Pap smears, and her beautiful family. Her husband of 20 years, Thaddeus Jackson, was at the grand opening, lending his support. They’re a beautiful couple.

You can visit Dr. Jackson at her office, 1471 Jag Brand Blvd. in Kernersville.

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