First tag and tax notices going out

First tag and tax  notices going out
April 30
00:00 2013

The first combined tag and tax notices will soon arrive in mailboxes of North Carolinians with bills that are due in July.

The new bills will reflect both vehicle property tax information from counties and other taxing jurisdictions, as well as vehicle registration and inspection information. Drivers used to pay for tags and taxes separately. The new program, “Tag & Tax Together,” will require one payment for both bills. Both tag renewals and tax payments must be paid in full to renew vehicle registration.

After receiving your entire payment, NCDMV will renew your vehicle registration and forward the property tax portion of your payment directly to your county revenue office.

Vehicle owners can tell if they will be among the first to receive the new bills by checking to see if they have a “7” (for the month of July) sticker on their license tag. With each month that passes, additional vehicle owners will receive the new notice when their renewal is due. By mid-2014, the program should include all North Carolina vehicle owners.

The result of a law first passed by the General Assembly in 2005, the combination goes into effect this summer, following the incorporation of county tax rates into the vehicle registration system. It is designed to provide easy one-time payment of vehicle tags and property taxes across the state.

The DMV web site ( features frequently-asked questions about the combined billing program and contact information for county revenue offices across the state.

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