For Seniors Only! Attitudes on Gratitude Senior Spotlight Testimonials

For Seniors Only! Attitudes on Gratitude Senior Spotlight Testimonials
December 06
00:00 2013

The Shepherd’s Center of Winston-Salem: “Thank you so much for sending the nice man, Dr. Jim Ferree, to take me to the eye center at Baptist Hospital on October 10. He was so nice and drove me there in his beautiful and clean Cadillac. He played his special ‘old-timey’ music that I like at almost 88 years. Bless you all for helping me. I don’t know what I would do without you, my Dear Guardian Angels.” – Maxine Loggins

“Being a single caregiver for my 94 year old step father with bladder cancer and his 70 year old autistic son, the Shepherd’s  Center has been a constant source of support and caring for our family. The program has allowed my step brother to participate in cultural events in Winston Salem so that I may focus in the proper planning and health care of my stepfather’s needs. The Shepherd Center is a valued resource for support unequaled to any other. Thank you so much for all that you have done not just for us but for others in the community.”Scott Kinsey

The Shepherd’s Center of Winston-Salem (Adventures in Learning Programs):
“ WOW!! I have had the BEST 4 days!!  I wish everyone took the opportunity to participate in Adventures in Learning.  I will never miss another one & will try to bring some more friends next spring.  I cannot imagine all the phone calls & coordinating you did to put that educational experience together for us.  The top-notch instructors, authors and tour guides were VERY knowledgeable, encouraging and interesting.  I thoroughly enjoyed the informative and entertaining lunch programs showcasing the talent & culture we have here in Winston-Salem.  I will miss getting up next Tuesday morning & not being able to attend AIL!  Thank you, Shepherd’s Center and all that put this series together.P. S.  You would not believe ALL the notes I took.  I loved every minute!”Sara Jane Elliott 

Crisis Control Ministries (Breaking the Cycle Program):

“This program is amazing. I’ve learned so many things that I wasn’t taught in my family – budgeting, savings, creating an emergency fund. If an emergency happens, I have a way to cover myself and I don’t have to depend on anybody else.”Ashley Cousar

            “We can live in a low-income area, but you don’t have to have a low-income mentality.”Valeria Page-Fleming

“This class gave me a lot of insight into life.”Ciesta Oaks-Wall

            “I’ve gotten two out of three things removed from my credit report that I didn’t know I could do before. I am on my way to financial peace. I have $1,000 in my savings account and a separate savings account for something else.”Kelly Robinson

“I started out with $43.10. It was all piggy bank change. This has been a life-changing experience for me. Dave Ramsey says, ‘Save like nobody else so you can live like nobody else’ and that statement is so true because financial independence is what you’re seeking.”Tynetta Vincent

            “It’s a life-learning and a life-changing lesson. You’ll learn about who you are, who you were, and who you want to be.”Shelley Bigby

            “When I came into the program, I was actually living in my car and I’ve been in an apartment for over a year now. I have been tremendously blessed by every step of the way.”Lizabeth Duryea

            “I have a huge family. My wife and I have eight children from age 19 to 4. We have huge expenses so we have to take what money we have and know how to use it to the best of our advantage. Now I know how to use my own money and not have to rely on government assistance.”Derrick Black, Choice Connections: Certified Senior Advisor, Corinne Auman, Ph.D., CSA

Corinne- “Thanks so much for helping me navigate through the maze of senior care.  Being several hours away, it was time-consuming and frustrating to try and determine what the best options were for my aunt.  You made it much easier by listening to what type of community I thought my aunt would like and then guiding me through the process and arranging all the visits.  I appreciate you taking so much of the stress and confusion out of the process for me.  I can highly recommend Choice Connections for anyone trying to find the perfect senior living environment for their loved one.
 Again, thanks for all your help!”Lisa

“I planned to call and thank you again but, it always seems to get too late and I didn’t want to interrupt your personal time after work…any more than we already have.  We really appreciate all you did to assist our family with this transition. You truly showed genuine concern for us and acted as an extended member of the family. We are grateful there are caring people like you available to help during stressful time as these.
Let us know if there’s anything we can do to be a blessing to you as you have blessed us. Again, thanks for all your support and God bless you and your family!”Mark South Fork Sittercize

“I am a 10 year veteran of the Sittercise Program at South Fork. As I approach my 70th birthday, I have found this class an invaluable asset in maintaining my muscle tone and flexibility. The fellowship and sharing among class members is also so beneficial to a sense of community. It is an easy and welcome fit into my retirement life.”Steve Anthony Holland Homes

“Our For Seniors Only! newspaper was hand delivered by a member of the Department of Social Services and we place them in our laundry rooms at both locations. Last month, I placed all of the newspapers and planned to get a copy to read the next day. However, the next day, our residents had taken all of the newspapers… I’ve learned my lesson – keep one for the office!” –Alethea Greer, Resident Services Coordinator, Holland Homes

” Thanks to Ernie Pitt and Lucy Shaffer from The Chronicle for putting aging on the map in Forsyth County with the “For Seniors Only” publication.”Diane Wimmer, MSW, Chair:  Forsyth County Aging Services Planning Committee

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